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At least 8 killed in blast near Kabul University

The blast comes amid an unending wave of violence across Afghanistan.

10 maut serangan bom bunuh diri di Kabul

Radio tempatan Salam Afghanistan mengatakan sekurang-kurangnya 10 orang terbunuh dalam serangan pengebom bunuh diri di Kementerian Pertahanan.

Taliban militants claim responsibility for blast in Afghan capital

The Taliban says the defence ministry compound in Kabul was their target.

At least 65 wounded as powerful car bomb rocks Kabul

The blast appears to have occurred near Gulbahar Tower, which contains a shopping mall and residential units and is next to a government building.

IS claims deadly attack on Afghan ministry

General Sayed Mohammad Roshan Dil said the four attackers had been wearing police uniforms.

Bomb blast and gunfire kills 7 in central Kabul

Calmness in war-raged Afghanistan for a few months was disrupted after an explosion hit Kabul central today killing 7 people.

Women singers test limits, signal Afghanistan’s changing times

"Some were against this concert, but we did not give up," she said. "We are all scared of suicide bombings, explosions, abductions and other issues in this country."

Kabul control slips in Afghanistan amid US talks with Taliban

The latest grim assessment of Afghanistan's security situation comes as the US urgently seeks a way out of the 17-year war.

Kabul govt key to peace talks after Taliban progress

US President Donald Trump has been eager to end America's longest war and the Taliban have insisted on the withdrawal of foreign troops.

Taliban attack kills more than 100 security personnel in central Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents who claimed responsibility for the attack said they have killed 190 people in the complex attack.

‘Naive, reckless’ tourists couchsurfing in war-torn Afghanistan

Afghanistan was once a popular stop on the well-worn hippy trail between Europe and South Asia in the 1970s.

Taliban claims Kabul truck bomb attack, warn more to follow

The explosion comes as diplomats ramp up efforts to end the 17-year war in Afghanistan, which by some estimates was the world's deadliest conflict in 2018.

At least 43 killed in Kabul govt compound attack

Four militants, including the bomber, were killed and more than 350 people freed from the compound.

Blast rocks Kabul govt compound in ongoing attack

Plumes of black smoke could be seen rising from the compound, with at least two military helicopters circling above.

At least 40 killed in suicide attack on Kabul religious gathering

It is the bloodiest assault in the Afghan capital since a twin bomb attack on a wrestling club in September that killed at least 26 people.

Regulating the urban anarchy of war-torn Kabul

KABUL: In the alley winding between the earthen walls of Old Kabul, Wakil Mohammad Saddeq insists on honouring his visitors with a cup of...

Isis claims responsibility for Kabul attack

Afghan security forces say they shot dead a man who had been planning to blow himself up near supporters of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Three killed in suicide bomb attack on Kabul commemorations

The attack came as convoys of gun-wielding men terrorised Kabul as they commemorated the 17th anniversary of rebel leader's death.

Dutch lawmaker cancels Muhammad cartoon contest over safety concerns

Wilders said he would never personally stop his campaign against Islam but the risk to innocents, and of attacks on the Netherlands, stemming from the proposed contest were too great.

Afghan Taliban urges retaliation over planned Dutch cartoon contest

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said that he does not support the planned contest but that he would defend Wilders' right to hold it.

Tajik or Russian plane bombs Afghan border area, six dead

Cross-border clashes are rare on Afghanistan's border with Tajikistan, compared, for example, with fighting along Afghanistan's eastern border with Pakistan.

Several blasts heard in Afghan capital Kabul

A security official said the explosions were caused by rockets fired from outside the city, and some fell near the presidential palace, around embassy compounds and government buildings.

Gunmen attack intelligence training centre in Kabul

The attack on the training facility was the latest incident in a blood-soaked week that saw militants deliver crippling blows to government forces across Afghanistan.

At least 25 killed in suicide blast in Afghan capital Kabul

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, which came after several weeks of relative calm in Kabul but previous attacks on Shi'ite targets in the area have been claimed by Islamic State.