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Part 1: Coast to coast via Camerons, Gua Musang and Lake...

This three-day drive although much longer and slower will take you through more scenic routes.

Kampar’s artisans struggle against a fading town and indifferent heirs

With its tin mining riches gone, the main road diverted elsewhere and the local kids heading for the bright lights of the city, what future for this small town’s traditional businesses?

BN man hopes Kampar bird sanctuary will create more jobs

MCA vice-president Lee Chee Leong says a 80-hectare plot of land near Kampar would be used, and hopes local people will use this opportunity to bring in more tourists.

Police warn against sharing video on alleged rude cops

Kampar police chief says investigation under Communications and Multimedia Act has been opened into sharing of video posted by Facebook user Long Ng.

2 warga emas dipenjara, didenda kerana dera anjing

Mereka didapati bersalah kerana sengaja menyeret seekor anjing menggunakan rantai besi sejauh 2.3km hingga menyebabkan kesakitan dan penderitaan terhadap haiwan itu.

No pig DNA in fish samples from Kampar pool

Fisheries department says it has no power to seal fish farm at disused mining pool as it is under purview of Kampar District and Land Office.

2 brothers die in Kampar road accident

E Nathan Daniel Martin, 21, and E Nathan Desmand, 18, die from their injuries after the car driven by their father suddenly swerves into oncoming traffic.

Keretapi tergelincir: Penumpang bengang bas transit tak cukup

Kebanyakan mereka termasuk penumpang yang mahu menyambut perayaan Deepavali mendakwa terpaksa menunggu lebih sejam sebelum dapat menaiki bas ke Stesen Keretapi Ipoh.

Gadis ‘Listen, listen, listen’ kini peguam

Video “Listen, listen, listen" membabitkan mahasiswa UUM, K S Bawani menjadi bualan masyarakat sejak 2013 sehingga ditonton sebanyak 1,403,455 kali di YouTube.

‘Listen, listen, listen’ lady is a lawyer now

The “Listen, listen, listen" video, became the talk of the town in 2013 and garnered some 1,403,455 views on YouTube.

Utar vice-president dies after falling from bicycle

Teh Chee Seng was cycling with friends in fine weather, on a straight road heading to Kampar, say police.