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Tag: Kampung Medan

Kami masih tak lupa peristiwa itu, kata penduduk Kampung Medan

Kami masih tak lupa peristiwa itu, kata penduduk Kampung Medan

Kami kini harmoni, kata tuan rumah majlis kahwin insiden Kg Medan

Rumah Alwi Yunus menjadi titik pergaduhan berbaur perkauman 16 tahun lalu yang meragut 6 nyawa.

Reveal truth of May 13, says Dr Kua

Malaysia must follow UK law on time limit for official secrets to allow for the real story behind racial riots of 1969 to be revealed eventually, says writer of May 13 book.

Archived: One ideology, two reactions

Malaysians must wonder why Aishah is considered safe but Chin Peng’s ashes are deemed a national threat

Archived: ‘I am still puzzled over the ban’

Author K Arumugam is baffled by the Federal Court's decision to maintain the ban on his book, March 8, stating that it is a move backwards for 'freedom of expression'.

Archived: Kembali ke Kampung Medan

Buku separa ilmiah ini membantu orang ramai memahami apa yang sebenarnya berlaku lebih sebelas tahun lalu.

Archived: ‘New book on Kampung Medan not a reproduction’

The new book by Suaram chairman K Arumugam has nothing to do with the book on Kampung Medan written in Tamil.

Probe Kg Medan riot, Suhakam told

Hindraf submits another memorandum calling on the human rights commission to hold an open inquiry into the 2001 racial clash.

Hindraf lawyer: No dignity even in death

British lawyer Suresh Grover's fact-finding mission takes him to various places around the country, including visiting poorly maintained Hindu cemeteries.