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5 best spots to install CCTV cameras at your home

Installing a CCTV system is recommended to ensure that people who may have the potential to harm you and your family do not get a chance to.

4 unpleasant things to expect during a home renovation

While delays are inevitable, dust and noise pollution are other inconveniences you will have to put up with.

4 ways to remove tape and Blu Tack from walls

From rolling it to blotting it to using citrus-based stain removers, there is always a way to get sticky, stubborn tape off your walls

Small apartment but big on style

Here are some creative ideas to add your own style and flair to a small apartment.

5 personality giveaways in someone’s bedroom

Their bedroom is, after all, a person's sanctuary, their place for privacy, solace, and for storing personal things.

8 tips to go green and save money too

Not only will you build a better environment, going green will save you money.

6 common household items that can make you sick

Here are six come common household items that may be affecting your health.

5 quick-cleaning hacks to zap your home back into shape

If you work smart, household chores can be rather gratifying and leave your home looking spotless and smelling great in no time.

Honda Accord hybrid production in Thailand, not Malaysia

Honda Motor Japan is making the move to take advantage of Thailand's tax incentives for manufacturing greener cars.

8 living room items that could be making you sick

From remote controls to air-conditioners and even your pets, mould dust, dander and other allergens abound in your living room.

6 urgent reasons to get the war on rats under control

Besides carrying fatal diseases, rats bring the risk of mites and fleas into your home, damage wiring and contaminate food supplies.

5 instances when heat can be dangerous

Extra precaution needs to be taken when it comes to dealing with the heat.

4 ways moving house can affect your health

Besides stressing you out, moving house can cause unexpected injuries, leave you exhausted and dehydrated, and trigger allergies.

4 reasons to deep clean your home

A clean home environment is less stressful and leaves you feeling great.

4 reasons to consider pest control in your homes

Professional pest control services have trained technicians that understand where to treat and how to handle infestations.

Clever storage ideas that put clutter in its place

Hanging shelves, shower curtains with pockets and hidden compartments cleverly hide clutter and give your home a relaxing and inviting look.

5 ways to improve fire escape plans in your home

Call a family meeting and plan an emergency escape route in case of fire.

5 beautiful and practical alternatives to bathroom tiles

Hardwood, acrylic, bare bricks and natural stones give a bathroom a different atmosphere, and allow you to be more creative with them.

How to find a good caterer for your event

When it comes to choosing caterers, do your homework and remember to take their flexibility, capability and accountability into consideration.

7 must-have tools at home

These are the basic must-have tools for minor home repairs.

4 tips to buying the right adult diapers

Keep in mind that when choosing an adult diaper, you are satisfying a medical need – something you definitely shouldn’t be skimping money on.

8 unique marriage proposals that will melt your heart

These amazing and creative marriage proposals sound like they just rolled out of a fairy-tale.

7 gorgeous bathroom sinks that will transform your home

Looking more like works of art, the latest designs of washroom basins are ones that will add to the feel of luxury in your home.

5 reasons why unserviced air-conditioners cause power trips

From dirty filters to clogged condenser coils, find out all the other culprits that cause power trips.