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Firemen check if karaoke centre had proper plans, after 6 lives...

Perak Fire Services Department says the plans approved earlier were for office premises.

Pay with a song: sing or the engine stops in Finnish...

A pilot taxi service in Turku during the July 6-8 Ruisrock festival lets riders "pay" for their trips in electric cars by singing karaoke.

Ini mahkamah, bukan karaoke, polis tegur penyokong Najib

Kira-kira 20 penyokong Najib bersorak 'bebas Najib' dan menyanyi 'Allah selamatkan Najib, Allah selamatkan kamu' sebagai tanda solidariti kepada bekas perdana menteri itu.

Xinhua: At least 18 dead in China karaoke lounge fire

Deadly fires are common in China, where safety regulations are widely flouted and enforcement is often lax.

Jangan cepat hukum Rizalman, kata Nazri

Menteri tidak menolak kemungkinan sabotaj terhadap ketua bahagian Umno itu yang baru-baru diuji positif dadah.

From ‘the sticks’ to opera top bill thanks to karaoke

Lucas Meachem's career as an opera singer began with his karaoke performances.

North Korean Olympics ferry tacks past sanctions with karaoke, ice cream...

The art troupe on-board from the North is led by star singer Hyun Song Wol and is scheduled to perform at Gangneung on Thursday and in Seoul on Sunday.

Miliki bom tangan, pelayan karaoke didakwa

Dia didakwa memiliki bahan letupan yang ditanam dengan niat menggunakannya untuk membahayakan nyawa atau menyebabkan kerosakan teruk kepada harta.

Polis tahan wanita paksa anak jadi pelacur

Polis Sarawak menahan ibu kandung dan pemilik karaoke yang berkomplot melacurkan gadis berusia 14 tahun untuk membayar hutang.

Artiste who assaulted wife freed on police bail

Police detained the singer-cum-actor for allegedly assaulting his wife who went to an entertainment outlet to look for her husband and found him with another woman.

‘Most taxi drivers blacklisted, lead unhealthy lifestyles’

Big Blue Taxi adviser says many drivers with debts and ethical issues resort to working with Uber and Grab, bringing problems to the e-hailing sector.

Police seek Indonesian over stabbing at karaoke

Police say the victim was stabbed in the chest with an ice pick during a fight at the karaoke outlet, and died upon arrival at the Selayang Hospital.

Indonesian maid nabbed for murder of employer

Police say the 59-year-old victim was found with two stab wounds to the head, slash marks on the face, and a knife embedded in her abdomen.

‘I myself no longer know if I’m Chinese or Malay’

Haw is well-known by karaoke fans around Malacca because of his talent for singing Malay songs.

Puchong nightclub raided again, 22 Viet women held

Raided four times before, owner charged in court, but entertainment outlet still carrying on.