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No-go for lawyer’s bid to intervene in CJ’s suit on affidavit

Judge says the Bar Council, which is the correct body to participate in the proceedings, is already holding a watching brief.

Peguam Negara mahu halang peguam mencelah dalam saman terhadap ketua hakim...

Hakim Hamid Sultan Abu Backer mendakwa hakim kanan campur tangan dalam keputusan melibatkan beberapa kes, termasuk kes hasutan bekas pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh.

Dr M’s lawyer wants to intervene in CJ’s bid to expunge...

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says the affidavit needs to be preserved for deliberation before a royal commission of inquiry.

Hold internal probe into judicial interference claims, Karpal’s daughter tells CJ

Sangeet Kaur Deo, saying the alleged judicial interference cannot be disregarded despite Karpal’s acquittal, indicates she may drop suit against the chief justice if a RCI is held.

Provide grounds for decision to free Karpal of sedition charge, says...

Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar says this raised awareness among the lower courts, public, and legal profession of the defences available to those charged with sedition.

Karpal akan semadi dengan tenang, kata balu selepas pembebasan

Gurmit Kaur berkata pembebasan suaminya berita baik menjelang ulangtahun ke-5 kematiannya.

Karpal will rest in peace now, widow says after acquittal

An emotional Gurmit Kaur says the verdict is cause for joy ahead of the fifth anniversary of her husband's death.

Karpal Singh bebas dakwaan hasutan

Hakim Besar Malaya, Zaharah Ibrahim berkata, berlaku salah laksana keadilan yang jelas dalam kegagalan untuk mempertimbangkan pembelaan Karpal Singh.

Karpal Singh freed of sedition charge

Chief Judge of Malaya Zaharah Ibrahim says there was a substantial miscarriage of justice brought about by the failure to consider Karpal Singh's defence.

Karpal’s widow fails to include judge’s affidavit as evidence in sedition...

Federal Court says the introduction of the affidavit by Court of Appeal judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer is not material in the appeal against Karpal Singh’s conviction.

Salah laku kehakiman: Kerajaan terbuka kepada semua opsyen

Kerajaan memandang dakwaan berhubung salah laku kehakiman 'amat serius' kerana ia menjejaskan institusi kehakiman.

Late Karpal’s sedition appeal chance to review draconian law, says lawyer

We will raise all factual and legal points for appraisal by the Federal Court, says lawyer Ramkarpal Singh.

Ketua hakim negara diminta fail afidavit berhubung saman anak Karpal

Anak Karpal Singh mendakwa Richard Malanjum campur tangan terbuka Badan Kehakiman dalam keputusan kes Akta Hasutan peguam itu dan kes penukaran agama 3 kanak-kanak beragama Hindu.

Lawyer seeks declaration CJ failed to preserve judiciary’s integrity

Karpal Singh's daughter files originating summons in High Court over two cases of alleged judicial interference.

Get rid of ‘bangsa’, ‘agama’ in MyKad to achieve unity, says...

Mariam Mokhtar says this is among the steps that must be taken in the quest for national integration.

CEC DAP akan bincang isu terima darjah kebesaran, kata Guan Eng

Tindakan menerima darjah kebesaran tidak mencerminkan semangat perjuangan sebenar DAP.

Judicial meddling: Further action only after internal probe

De facto law minister Liew Vui Keong was referring to claims by senior judges in unilateral conversion of M Indira Gandhi's children and late MP Karpal Singh's sedition trial.

CJ’s office probes alleged meddling by senior judges in court decisions

Chief Justice Richard Malanjum’s office says appropriate action will be taken after the investigation is completed.

Set up RCI to probe judicial interference claim, urges Karpal’s son

Ramkarpal Singh says allegation points to serious decay in judiciary which cannot be allowed to continue at all costs.

Time to clean, give wing to the judiciary as we celebrate...

Let’s take a deep look at the judiciary and improve the system of judicial appointments so that the crème de la crème are appointed judges.

Lawyer: Amend laws to punish ‘senior judges’ meddling in judgments

Recent revelations have shown there are no provisions in the constitution and other related laws to look into complaints being made against anyone holding administrative positions in the judiciary, says lawyer Arun Kasi.

Karpal’s daughter lodges police report on alleged judicial interference

Sangeet Kaur Deo says lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla's claim that a senior judge had meddled in her father's sedition appeal is a serious matter.

Senior judge interfered in Karpal’s sedition appeal, says lawyer

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla claims the Court of Appeal was supposed to allow Karpal Singh's appeal but this was reversed due to interference by a senior judge.

Ex-deputy speaker: Follow standing orders to prevent chaos in Dewan Rakyat

Ronald Kiandee says this is the only way to bring order to the House.