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Tag: Kashmir

India blocks text messages after militants kill trucker

Security sources say decision was taken to cut suspects’ communications.

Speculation, rumours bad for trade, warn Indian palm oil importers

They say unsubstantiated claims published in the media harm business interests of both importers and exporters by creating uncertainty in decision-making and the supply chain.

Indian buyers slash Malaysian palm oil orders, say traders

Confusion about new duties or trade measures by Indian government causes shift to Indonesian shipments.

Modi assures Kashmir situation will normalise in 4 months

India PM says necessary steps taken to maintain security in country's only Muslim-majority state.

5 injured in Kashmir grenade attack amid India’s clampdown

Police say those injured in the attack are reported to be in stable condition.

India set to partially restore mobile phone lines in Kashmir

Postpaid numbers to be made active in all 10 districts of valley.

India may restrict imports of palm oil, other goods from Malaysia

India’s government was angered after Dr Mahathir alleged last month at the UN that India had 'invaded and occupied' Jammu and Kashmir and asked New Delhi to work with Pakistan to resolve the issue.

Isu Kashmir: Presiden China sokong Pakistan, umum pendirian sebelum lawat India

Dalam perkembangan yang dilihat menyinggung India, China menyokong Pakistan dalam menjaga hak dan kepentingan sah dan berharap pihak-pihak berkenaan boleh menyelesaikan pertikaian melalui dialog damai.

China irks India over Kashmir 2 days before summit

India tells China not to comment on country's internal affairs.

Xi backs Pakistan over Kashmir dispute ahead of Modi meeting

Chinese leader vows to support Islamabad's 'core interests and key concerns'.

India tarik balik nasihat perjalanan di Kashmir Khamis ini

Nasihat perjalanan dikeluarkan 2 Ogos akan ditarik balik pada Khamis, kata pemerintah Jammu dan Kashmir dalam kenyataan semalam.

Saifuddin shrugs off #BoycottMalaysia move after Dr M’s comment on Kashmir

The foreign minister says the push is 'slowly dying off' and will not affect bilateral trade with India.

Come back, Kashmir tells tourists after Indian clampdown

Authorities are gradually lifting the curfew and security restrictions removed in most parts.

India clampdown hits Kashmir’s Silicon Valley

IT businesses are losing customers as a result of the internet and mobile phone crackdown in Kashmir.

Stop making remarks on Kashmir, India tells Malaysia

It says the friendly relations between both countries should be borne in mind.

India Air Force chief admits ‘big mistake’ to shoot down own...

Court inquiry reveals Indian missile hit aircraft during February clash in Kashmir.

India-Pakistan nuclear war could kill 100 million

Both countries have 150 nuclear warheads at their disposal.

India didakwa tahan 144 kanak-kanak termasuk usia 9 tahun di Kashmir

Pihak berkuasa tempatan juga menahan ribuan orang, termasuk ahli politik, pemimpin kumpulan pemisah, dan ketua masyarakat lain bagi menghalang protes susulan keputusan membatalkan kuasa autonomi Kashmir.

Pakistan summons Indian diplomat over deadly shelling in disputed Kashmir

60-year-old woman and 13-year-old boy were killed in blitz over the weekend.

Security forces kill 4 militants in Kashmir

Militants threw a grenade in Safakadal area of Srinagar.

Police restricts Indian Kashmir after Imran Khan’s speech

Troops also blocked access to its main business centre with razor wires.

Khan predicts Kashmiri uprising if India lifts curfew

Imran Khan accuses India of forcing people into radicalisation.

22 dead as Pakistan quake death toll rises

Tremors of the quake felt as far as New Delhi.

Trump, Modi vow fight on extremists in mass rally

President Trump stood by Modi over controversial decisions, including on Kashmir.