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Tag: Kashmir

IS claims ‘province’ in India for first time after clash in...

Islamic State claims it has established a 'province' in India after a militant with alleged ties to the terrorist group was killed by security forces in Kashmir.

India suspends Kashmir border trade with Pakistan

India accuses Pakistan of misusing the trade networks to smuggle arms, counterfeit currency and drugs into the contested region of Kashmir.

Attacked by both sides: journalists caught in the crossfire of Kashmir...

In the past two years, journalists in the scenic Himalayan valley have been threatened by militants, blinded by pellet guns fired by security forces, and murdered by unknown assailants.

India’s Congress promises to halve unemployment: Kashmir plan criticised

India's National Congress party and ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are constantly in heated competition to deliver election promises.

3 tentera Pakistan maut dalam pertempuran di sempadan Kashmir

Pertempuran itu berlaku di kawasan sempadan antara kedua-dua negara kuasa nuklear itu.

Kashmir: 3 militan terbunuh dalam pertempuran

Pertempuran berlaku di kawasan hutan Yarwan di Keller, daerah Shopian kira-kira 65 kilometer di selatan Srinagar.

Pakistani airspace restrictions keep routes closed, carriers off balance

The closure of large swathes of the eastern airspace effectively shuts off major international flight routes in and out of Islamabad and Lahore along with select domestic routes.

China prevents UN blacklisting of leader behind Kashmir attack

Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad is a primarily anti-India group that forged ties with al-Qaeda and was blacklisted by the UN Security Council in 2001.

‘Key conspirator’ of Kashmir attack shot dead, say Indian police

Mudasir Ahmed Khan, who was shot dead Sunday, was described by authorities as a top commander with Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM).

India slams Pakistan action against militants

India's foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar responded with scepticism to reports of scores of militants being rounded up in Pakistan, adding that Islamabad was in 'a state of denial'.

Military saris in vogue as India parades patriotism to Pakistan

Both nations say they downed jets, with Pakistan capturing a pilot, in a long-running conflict over the Kashmir region.

Indian cricketers wear military caps to honour slain soldiers

Virat Kohli's team will also donate their US$8,500 match fees from the game to a fund for the families of those killed in last month's attack.

Pakistan denies access to ‘bombed’ religious school

Security officials say no visit will be possible for a few days more due to security issues.

India signs US$3 billion submarine deal with Russia amid Kashmir tensions

Russia remains a major supplier of arms to India, irking the US which has imposed sanctions on nations buying military hardware from Moscow.

India detains Kashmir separatists without charge

Yasin Malik's supporters call for a shutdown in Kashmir to protest against his detention, with shops and other commercial establishments closed.

Pakistan seizes religious schools in intensified crackdown on militants

Previous large-scale crackdowns against anti-India militants have broadly been cosmetic, with the proscribed groups able to survive and continue operations.

Pakistan detains militant suspects after Kashmir attack

The Feb 14 attack killed 40 Indian paramilitaries and spurred tit-for-tat air raids between India and Pakistan.

India, Pakistan resume barter trade amid tension in contested Kashmir

The trade route across the border, known as the Line of Control (LoC), re-opened after firing in the region eased.

Anger over ‘forced’ video of Indian pilot amid new Kashmir deaths

Abhinandan's capture became the centrepiece of hostilities between India and Pakistan after a suicide bombing in Kashmir killed 40 Indian paramilitaries.

Pakistan and India don’t seem to be ready for full-blown war

There is a window of opportunity for the parties involved to de-escalate.

Trump hopeful India-Pakistan crisis will be resolved

Donald Trump obtained 'reasonably attractive news from Pakistan and India', hopeful of resolving the conflict between the nuclear-armed rivals.

Kashmir: Pemimpin dunia minta India-Pakistan bertenang

Kesatuan Eropah memberi amaran kepada Pakistan dan India berkaitan 'kesan serius dan berbahaya"' akibat ketegangan yang memuncak baru-baru ini.

World urges restraint as India, Pakistan trade blows over Kashmir

Both countries have ordered air strikes over the last 2 days, the 1st time in history that 2 nuclear-armed powers have done so.

Kashmir: Imran Khan seru dialog dengan India

Perdana Menteri Pakistan, Imran Khan mengesa supaya ketegangan diredakan dan menjemput India memilih dialog berbanding kekerasan.