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2 killed in Kashmir as Trump offers to mediate

One police officer and one suspected militant was killed in a gun battle in Kashmir, as US President Donald Trump offers to ease tensions.

Besieged Kashmiri neighbourhood in test of wills with India’s Modi

Soura is becoming the epicentre of resistance to the Indian government's plans to remove the partial autonomy that was enjoyed by Jammu and Kashmir.

Trump calls India and Pakistan to reduce tensions

Relations between Islamabad and New Delhi, already hostile, have been further strained over India's decision this month to revoke the special status of its portion of the Kashmir region that both countries claim.

Pakistan accuses India of using water as weapon in Kashmir dispute

Pakistan claims New Delhi had failed to inform it about the release of water from a dam that could cause flooding across the border.

Schools deserted in Srinagar as parents fear more unrest

Parents say their children will stay home until cellular networks are restored and the situation returns to normal.

4,000 detained in Kashmir since autonomy stripped

Authorities have repeatedly declined to provide a tally of how many people have been taken into custody.

India reimposes movement curbs on parts of Kashmir’s main city after...

A series of protests against New Delhi's Aug 5 revocation of the region's autonomy has led to India reimposing travel curbs.

Avoid unilateral action on Kashmir, says China’s UN envoy

China's UN ambassador Zhang Jun summed up the Security Council's discussions, describing serious concern over the situation.

3 Pakistani, 5 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir border skirmish

A spokesman for the Pakistan armed forces, tweeted that its three soldiers had died along with five of India's when Indian forces opened fire along the contested border.

Pakistan observes ‘Black Day’ for Kashmir as India celebrates independence

Pakistan's fury over India's decision to revoke Kashmir's special privileges results in the observation of a 'Black Day'.

India’s Modi defends controversial Kashmir move in address to nation

The move to revoke Kashmir’s autonomous status will allow the region, Jammu and Ladakh to play a meaningful role in India’s development, according to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

China wants UN Security Council to discuss Kashmir this week

The UN has called on India and Pakistan to refrain from any steps that could affect the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir curfew to be eased after Thursday, says governor

Tens of thousands of Indian troop reinforcements have been deployed to Srinagar, turning the picturesque city into a deserted warren of barbed wire and barricades.

India needs time to restore order in Kashmir

The Supreme Court's Justice Arun Mishra says the government wants to bring Kashmir back to normal as soon as possible.

India reimposes some restrictions in Kashmir ahead of Eid

The move comes following new demonstrations by pro-independence youth that were repelled by tear gas and pellets.

As Pakistan-India tensions flare, a child mistakes bomb for a toy

'They tried to snatch it from him and then it exploded. He died on the spot,' said the boy's uncle.

India’s Kashmir clampdown pushes some in Pakistan to discuss rejoining militants

India's constitutional withdrawal of special rights for Jammu and Kashmir state angers many within the disputed region.

Thousands protest in Kashmir despite clampdown

A large group of Kashmiris assembled in the Soura area protesting the Indian government's withdrawal of Kashmir's special rights.

Kashmir curfew eased for Friday prayers

Paramilitary forces have been ordered to apply minimum force and maximum compassion to allow locals to go about their Friday prayers in Srinagar.

India to hold state assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir

Modi says the state assembly elections would benefit Kashmiris as they choose their own leader.

Pakistan halts train service to India, bans films over Kashmir change

India says changing the status of Kashmir is to develop the region, and urges Pakistan to reconsider its decision to downgrade diplomatic ties.

Pakistan to expel Indian ambassador over Kashmir dispute

Indian ambassador to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria is expected to return to India very soon as the Kashmir crisis continues.

Pakistan suspends trade with India, downgrades diplomatic ties

The Pakistani government announces a series of measures to oppose what it calls 'unilateral and illegal actions' taken by India.

Protester dies, scores arrested in Indian Kashmir lockdown

Indian police insist that Kashmir, which Pakistan also claims, has been mainly peaceful since a curfew was imposed.