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Tag: Kasthuri Patto

Ahli Parlimen gesa gantung guru didakwa kokot telinga pelajar

Kasthuri Patto berkata, tiada jaminan guru terbabit tidak akan mengulangi perbuatan itu selepas dipindahkan ke sekolah lain.

New govt but same old police, DAP’s Ramasamy says after Batu...

Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto meanwhile says police officers should be equipped with body cameras to eliminate any conflict in testimonies.

2 MPs question lack of action on Nigerian’s death

Kasthuri Patto and RSN Rayer say an independent committee must be set up to investigate Immigration department procedures.

DAP MPs lodge police report against open sale of abortion pills

Kasthuri Patto and Ramkarpal Singh say young girls are gaining access to such pills online, which could endanger their lives.

Why did immigration take so long to verify Nigerian student’s status,...

Kasthuri Patto also took issue with the two-week time-frame the department says it needs to verify records of detainees.

MP says time ripe for Parliamentary Interfaith Commission

Kasthuri Patto says it will promote dialogue between religions in the face of increasing racial and religious rants by some.

Establish KPI for better processing of citizenship applications, says MP

Kasthuri Patto says it is not enough just to improve the standard operating procedure as the whole process of handling citizenship applications is disorganised.

Himpunan 9 Mac demo wanita, bukan LGBT, kata ahli Parlimen

Himpunan sempena Hari Wanita Antarabangsa antara lain menyeru keganasan berasaskan gender dan perkahwinan kanak-kanak diperangi, kata Kasthuri Patto.

It was a women’s march, not LGBT, says MP

Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto also disputes claims that the organisers did not provide the necessary 10-day notice.

MP praises Sabah’s courage in fixing minimum age for marriage at...

Kasthuri Patto hopes the decision will have a spillover effect and will spell the end to child marriages in the country.

Criminalise hate speech, MP says after Seafield fiasco, transgender deaths

DAP's Kasthuri Patto says these incidents show how easily things can morph into violent racial and religion-based crimes.

DAP MP sends message to Sinead O’Connor haters by ‘unfriending’ them

The DAP MP reacts to abusive comments against the Irish rock star who converted to Islam recently.

Wakil rakyat DAP beri laman web tempoh 48 jam untuk minta...

Kasthuriraani Patto mahu Isma Web tarik balik artikel 'Ahli Parlimen DAP desak hak kebebasan murtad, ajaran sesat'.

Kasthuri Patto on the best Merdeka gift for children

The DAP MP calls for a moratorium on child marriage applications and the conferring of citizenship on stateless children and children who remain unadopted at foster homes.

Probe suspected scam on Nepali migrant workers, ministry urged

DAP's Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto tells home ministry to 'grab the bull by its horns' and launch a worldwide probe.

Set minimum marriage age of 18 for all, says Kasthuri

MP says Pakatan Harapan government should raise the minimum legal age for marriage with no exceptions, regardless of race or religion.

Probe success of MyDaftar scheme to give citizenship, urges Kasthuri Patto

The Wanita DAP publicity secretary says many people were still waiting for citizenship despite being born in this country.

Kasthuri Patto: Mums coming forward to demand accountable govt

The Batu Kawan DAP incumbent says presence of mothers at rallies, ceramahs and walkabouts show their desire for an end to corruption and abuse of power.

Let civil servants vote how they want, urges Kasthuri Patto

The Batu Kawan incumbent wants government to openly tell civil servants they have nothing to fear over how they vote.

‘Search your conscience’: Kasthuri invokes Karpal in call for change

Wanita DAP publicity secretary Kasthuri Patto says the late Karpal’s words, spoken in the Dewan Rakyat 14 years ago, are a timely reminder to Malaysians who fear the unknown.

JKKKs send protest letter against Batu Kawan MP

They claim MP is often in Parliament and she doesn't meet constituents.

DAP MP unhappy over infighting report in Batu Kawan

Kasthuri Patto says the headline alleges she may be fielded in Perak due to that.

WAO: Ease the way to justice for women who suffer discrimination

The proposed bill on gender equality should ensure the intent of the law is realised, says the NGO.

MP: Malaysia 50 years behind Iceland in women’s empowerment

Kasthuri Patto says federal government leaders must push for better funding for women-related programmes.