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KDN akan kaji semula pembatalan pendaftaran myPPP

Sumber berkata, puak bertelagah dalam myPPP diminta melantik pihak ketiga untuk menyelesaikan pertikaian mereka.

Home ministry throws former BN party a lifeline

Rival factions in myPPP told to appoint third party to resolve disputes.

Ex-MyPPP members lodge report against Kayveas over use of letterhead

They allege that it is an offence to use the party's letterhead since it has been deregistered.

BN bullied MyPPP, used it, says Kayveas

The president of the recently de-registered party says BN under Najib Razak did not discuss seat allocations with it.

Kayveas dakwa MyPPP hanya ‘boneka’ BN

MyPPP kini lega selepas meninggalkan BN yang selama ini gagal menghargai jasa parti itu selama puluhan tahun.

Selepas MyPPP dibatalkan, Kayveas mahu merayu pada KDN

Kayveas berkata, pihaknya mempunyai tempoh 30 hari untuk merayu.

MyPPP de-registered amid leadership row

The RoS has informed rival factions of the decision.

Kayveas nasihat PH tukar strategi lawan calon Orang Asli BN

Presiden MyPPP itu berkata, Ramli Mohd Nor mampu memberi saingan sengit kepada calon PH kerana calon Orang Asli itu dilihat mampu menarik banyak undi.

Kayveas umum tanding di Cameron Highlands

Presiden MyPPP berkata, Majlis Tertinggi parti itu sebulat suara bersetuju beliau bertanding di kerusi Parlimen itu.

RM36 mil funds: MyPPP lodges report with MACC

Spokesman Loga Bala Mohan wants anti-graft agency to probe alleged delivery of money to 6 individuals.

Dedahkan siapa terima RM36 juta, myPPP beritahu Kayveas

Naib Presiden myPPP, Loga Bala Moha berkata, dakwaan baru itu ialah cubaan terdesak bekas presiden itu untuk mengalihkan perhatian siasatan SPRM ke atasnya.

Reveal who received RM36 mil, myPPP tells Kayveas

myPPP's senior vice-president Loga Bala Mohan calls fresh accusation a desperate attempt by Kayveas to divert attention from him being investigated by MACC.

Kayveas called for questioning by MACC, says party official

MyPPP deputy secretary-general says he himself was contacted by MACC over funds given to party said to have links to 1MDB.

6 envoys axed, including Kayveas’ wife

Their services were terminated effective June 30, says Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.

Putrajaya axes BN political appointees to foreign missions

The list includes former Penang PKR chief Zahrain Hashim and former Sabah chief minister Bernard Dompok, who were made ambassadors to Indonesia and the Vatican respectively.

Kayveas: Sacking unconstitutional, accuses sec-gen of conspiracy

MyPPP president says a Supreme Council meeting should have been called and disciplinary committee appointed following complaint letter from BN.

Cool down, be rational, Ku Nan tells those not picked to...

He says candidates need to find out the reason why they had been dropped in the first place.

Sacking of Kayveas won’t affect BN or polls, says Subra

The MIC president says the party, as a BN component party, may be able to serve in those Indian communities which are presently the focus of myPPP.

Kayveas tak letak jawatan, dia dilucutkan, kata myPPP

Parti komponen BN itu mendakwa Kayveas dipecat sebagai presiden kerana tidak memberitahu Majlis Tertinggi parti dalam peruntukan kerusi.

Kayveas didn’t resign, he was sacked, says myPPP

The party claims M Kayveas was sacked as the president as he had not consulted the party's supreme council on seat allocations.

Kayveas letak jawatan presiden myPPP

Menurut sumber, langkah itu mungkin kerana kegagalan parti itu mendapatkan kerusi Parlimen Cameron Highlands yang diberikan kepada Ketua Pemuda MIC, Datuk C Sivaraajh.

Kayveas steps down as myPPP president

Former deputy minister had been unhappy over not being selected as the BN candidate for Cameron Highlands.

Analyst: BN marred by Kayveas’ outburst

The coalition must act quickly to repair the damage, says UUM's Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

MyPPP stays in BN despite not getting Cameron Highlands

MyPPP president M Kayveas says the decision may be reconsidered after the party leaders meet with the prime minister.