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Are Sabah natives ready for a Dayak nation?

There is no evidence that Kadazandusuns are in favour of being clumped under Dayaks.

Warisan official denies split in party leadership

The special officer to Penampang MP Darell Leiking says the party deputy president is friendly with vice-president Peter Anthony.

Whither the KDM community in Sabah?

Where they once lorded over Sabah, they are now reduced to playing a supporting role in the context of being a political powerhouse.

Appoint KDM to head Forestry Department, PBS dares Warisan

PBS acting Youth chief Christopher Mandut asks why 'outsiders' are appointed to important posts as there are many qualified Sabahans.

Choose non-political Huguan Siou, Sabahans urged

Political analysts say Kadazandusun Murut parties lack capable and young second-line to replace outgoing leaders.

Now, PBRS VP quits, claiming party directionless post-GE14

Ukoh Jeremy Malajad says members are confused and frustrated as there has been no word from party president Joseph Kurup in almost a month.

Sabahans celebrate Kaamatan festival, but without Pairin

Joseph Pairin Kitingan, the Huguan Siou, is, for the first time in decades, missing from the festival.

Shafie diserang ketika Sabah cuba raih undi Kadazandusun Murut

Rakaman video tersebar di Sabah menyasarkan imej 'Melayu' silam Shafie Apdal dalam Umno dan mempersoalkan dakwaan memperjuangkan hak Kadazandusun Murut.

Shafie under attack as Sabah battles for KDM votes

Videos are making rounds in Sabah, zeroing in on Shafie Apdal's past 'Malay' image in Umno and questioning his claim to championing the Kadazandusun Murut community.

PCS quitters showing their true colours now, says Bumburing

The PCS president says all parties suffer the same fate every election because of disputes over candidate selection.

BN: Shafie has warned Dr M not to visit Sabah for...

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says Shafie knows Warisan will lose badly if the former PM visits Sabah.

Calon bebas dakwa kemiskinan Kadazandusun Murut ‘dahsyat’

Bekas adun Bingkor di bawah Parlimen Keningau, Justin Guka mendakwa semua parti majoriti KDM dari BN dan 2 parti pembangkang lebih mementingkan kuasa daripada keperitan rakyat.

Think Sabahan, enough with KDM rhetoric, says Warisan

The Warisan deputy president tells the Kadazandusun Murut people that politicians are happy exploiting their 'imaginary disunity'.

Reunification of KDM parties possible, says Ongkili

The PBS deputy president says formation of a presidential council comprising BN's Kadazandusun Murut-majority parties will minimise any sabotage during GE14.

Bumburing upbeat on PCS even after leaders’ exodus

The Parti Cinta Sabah president believes that a splinter party will only further split the Kadazandusun Murut votes in GE14.

Can Sabah voters break away from racial politics?

A street poll finds Sabahans divided on the need for race-based parties, with young voters wanting to abandon the practice prevalent in local politics.

Sabah urban voters warming to BN again, says Ongkili

PBS deputy president is confident party can wrest Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat and mount strong bid to regain six state seats lost in the last election.

‘Still too soon to end race-based politics in Sabah’

Opposition Parti Cinta Sabah believes local parties have to work together to represent multi-ethnic groups as Sabahans will still vote along racial lines.

New Donggongon tamu will cater to both locals and tourists

It will have an extra floor to accommodate more traders and feature culture of Kadazandusun Murut community in Penampang.

Tangau: Belittling Upko is like talking bad about Kadazandusun

He regrets action of a certain opposition MP from the KDM community who called on Upko to close shop.