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Pemilihan semula 3 bahagian PKR Sabah mulai hari ini, esok

PKR bahagian Keningau menjalankan proses pemilihan semulanya hari ini, manakala bahagian Tawau dan Pensiangan, esok.

Azmin leads in Sabah after results announced for 22 divisions

Azmin Ali leads by over 1,600 votes pending results from three other divisions in Tawau, Keningau and Pensiangan.

PKR polls chief dismisses claims of interference

PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din says state election committee members are there to support the national committee members and not the other way around.

Tidak rasmi: Azmin menang pemilihan Sabah dengan lebih 10,000 undi

Azmin menang di 15 cabang, sementara Rafizi unggul di 9 cabang.

PKR’s election drama continues, Azmin poised to win in Sabah

Today, the party extended voting in Pensiangan, a division where Rafizi Ramli is said to be popular.

Jeffrey gets to keep Keningau parliamentary seat

The Election Court also orders Jake Nointin of Warisan, who filed the petition, to pay costs.

Hundreds throng NRD counter, sparking fears of Projek IC 2.0 in...

However, NRD says the counter is only to check the status of applications for birth certificates and MyKad.

Tulis semula sejarah, demi hayati pembentukan Malaysia

‘Batu Sumpah Peringatan Keningau’ merupakan batu sumpah antara penduduk Dusun dan Murut sebagai persetujuan (penduduk pedalaman) membentuk negara Malaysia.

MA63 principles inscribed on Oath Stone will be upheld, says DPM

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says the Keningau Oath Stone contains a summary of the agreement and guarantees given by the Malaysian government to Sabah.

Guru dari Keningau terus julang Malaysia di arena antarabangsa

Sirhajwan yang mendapat pendidikan dan bekerja di kawasan pedalaman iaitu Keningau, memenangi beberapa pertandingan antarabangsa menewaskan peserta-peserta negara lain termasuk dari negara maju.

Follow Kitingan’s example to defend state rights, says Tuliang

STAR vice-president criticises other Sabah leaders for being muted now though they were previously 'gung-ho'.

Warisan files election petitions to challenge GE14 results

The party is challenging the results in the parliamentary seats of Kimanis, Libaran, Keningau and Sipitang, and the state seats of Sungai Sibuga, Sook, Kundasang and Kiulu.

Where religion can’t break blood ties

Religious differences are never an issue with Keningau's Arifin clan, which is made up Muslims and Christians.

More projects, more funds as Najib makes second campaign visit to...

The prime minister says the government has the means to care for the people because it has governed the country well.

‘Onsoi’ to victory, Musa tells Sabah BN members

Sabah chief minister urges party members to embrace the word, saying even PM Najib Razak now knows its significance.

Calon STAR anggap 4 penjuru beri kelebihan

Kong Fui Seng berkata undi penyokong Umno dan Warisan sudah berpecah manakala undi bagi STAR tetap kekal.

Jeffrey all fired up for Sabah, set to do battle for...

The STAR president is confident of success in his quest to replace older brother Joseph Pairin Kitingan in both Keningau and Tambunan.

Pairin still needed by PBS to win in Sabah

Despite announcing his intention to retire, he is still preferred by many Keningau folks.

Pairin to put retirement on hold to defend Tambunan?

The PBS supremo is rumoured to have been asked by the BN leadership to once again defend the seat which he has held since 1976.

Ex-PKR general election candidate joins BN

Paul Gitang is now a member of BN component party, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS).

Apakah sokongan kepada Pairin akan terus merosot?

Orang muda nampaknya kurang gembira dengan presiden PBS itu, walaupun pengundi berusia masih menerimanya.

Will support for Pairin decline further?

Young people seem unhappy with the PBS president, but older voters still think well of him.

‘Spoilt-vote’ campaign gains traction in Sabah’s interior

Leaders from both sides of political divide worry about influence of the #UndiRosak campaign spreading in the state in the lead-up to GE14.

Jeffrey upbeat about defending Bingkor for Star

With his party boasting 200,000 members, he believes Star will be able to get sizeable votes in the coming general election.