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Agong berjiwa rakyat, beratur sendiri beli KFC

Restoran KFC di Temerloh, Pahang menerima kejutan apabila Yang di-Pertuan Agong beratur beli KFC selepas solat Jumaat.

KFC trialling vegan burger in the UK

This is the first time that KFC has proposed a vegan alternative to its chicken burger.

KFC operator shelves RM2 billion IPO

Potential investors balk at its valuations, sources say.

KFC outlet at 103-year-old mansion in Penang to shutter next week

Penang’s first KFC outlet, housed in the iconic landmark, will cease operations on March 16, after 32 years.

Group sees red over fast food price hike

The Malaysian Anti-Inflation Movement says prices have increased by more than 30% since 2014.

Hundreds sickened in Mongolia after eating at KFC

Yum! Brands, which oversees the franchise, says KFC Mongolia is cooperating with the government’s investigation.

Menteri: Kos pengeluaran meningkat punca harga KFC naik

Harga menu KFC meningkat kerana syarikat QSR Brands terikat dengan perjanjian francais.

Kerajaan perlu hati-hati siasat kenaikan harga KFC, McDonald

Peningkatan harga adalah perkara biasa dalam perniagaan.

Act cautiously in investigating price hikes at KFC, McDonald’s, govt urged

A chamber of commerce and others say the government should also consider the impact of any decision it makes on business sentiments and the free market economy.

Pizza Hut operator rejects buyout offer, shares soar

Spun off from Louisville, Kentucky-based Yum! Brands Inc in 2016, Yum China operates China’s biggest network of fast-food restaurants, with 8,200 outlets across more than 1,200 cities.

Ahmad Maslan: Impose 20% service charge on casinos, nightclubs

If they end up closing, then so be it, he says in Dewan Rakyat.

Finger-lickin’ chicken demand in Myanmar is a boon for palm oil

Myanmar’s emergence from economic isolation and its untapped potential has attracted foreign companies including KFC, the nation’s first western fast food restaurant in 2015.

QSR Brands awaiting approval for relisting

Johor Corporation (JCorp) says its subsidiary, which is the largest fast food operator in the country, is in the midst of getting internal approvals.

KFC owner eyes RM2 billion IPO

Shareholder Johor Corp wants this done no later than November.

At KFC’s UK restaurants, it’s not all gravy

The shortage crisis accounted for roughly 3 percent of Yum's 2017 global system sales.

KFC counts its chickens as UK stores slowly reopen

The outlets had been forced to close due to a change in delivery supplier.

Chicken shortage shuts hundreds of KFC stores in UK

Most of KFC's UK outlets were forced to close, and the few that remained open reduced their food options or opening hours.

Thailand’s 3rd richest man eyes major stake in Malaysia’s KFC, Pizza...

Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, who just bought the KFC chain in Thailand, wants to expand his footprint into Malaysia and probably buy up EPF’s stake in QSR Brands.

Smile! In KFC China store, diners have a new way to...

Customers use a 'Smile to Pay' facial recognition system, as part of a drive by Yum China Holdings Inc to lure a younger generation of consumers.

Homeless mom and son return to live at McD’s

Kechara volunteer finds the pair at McDonald's again after they disappeared from the hotel room he put them up in about two weeks ago.

Metal in mouth turns out to be not so finger lickin’...

Parents of 10-year-old boy shocked at finding metal fragments lodged in a piece of KFC chicken which their son swallowed.

A&W, KFC pun tak benarkan kek ‘tak halal’

Baru-baru ini McDonald's Malaysia dikecam kerana hanya membenarkan kek hari jadi bersijil halal dibawa masuk ke restorannya, selaras dengan standard Jakim.

KFC’s return to Bursa will herald rebound in IPOs

First-time share sales in Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s top destination for new listings less than five years ago, fell to US$305 million in 2016.

‘Resipi rahsia’ Colonel Sanders dibongkar akhirnya?

Seorang wartawan Chicago Tribune melaporkan mengenai coretan ramuan asli ayam goreng KFC yang dilihatnya dalam buku nota milik keluarga pengasas KFC.