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Tag: Khairuddin Abu Hassan

Khairuddin fails again to compel Jho Low to testify in pink...

The High Court says there is no need to cross-examine the businessman at this point in time.

Don’t air grouses in public, says Khairuddin

Rafizi Ramli should go through proper party channels in criticising the naming of three ministers, he says.

Isu menteri kanan: Khairuddin curiga motif Rafizi bercakap kepada media

Khairuddin Abu Hassan berkata menimbulkan isu pelantikan menteri kanan kepada media boleh membinasakan keyakinan rakyat kepada Pakatan Harapan.

Khairuddin dakwa berlaku penipuan di pusat kira undi Jasin

Menerusi laporan yang dibuat di Balai Polis Daerah Jasin, Melaka, Khairuddin mendakwa berlaku penipuan dan penyelewengan berdasarkan Borang 14 SPR dari 38 pusat daerah mengundi.

1MDB critic Khairuddin sues for RM8mil detention damages

Federal Government, former IGP and Attorney-General are among seven people named as defendants.

Bekas pemimpin Umno Khairuddin Abu Hassan bertanding di Jasin

Sumber Amanah berkata, bekas naib ketua Umno Bahagian Batu Kawan itu ialah calon paling sesuai untuk memberi saingan di kubu kuat BN itu pada PRU14.

Ex-Umno leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan to stand in Jasin

An Amanah source says he is the best candidate to upset the Barisian Nasional stronghold in GE14.

Mahathir questions top judge hearing appeal against Najib

He says he has doubts over legality of Chief Justice Raus Sharif’s ruling in dismissing lawsuit against Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Najib, Zahid mohon ketepi bukti 1MDB dalam perbicaraan Singapura

Mereka berkata, rekod prosiding itu adalah khabar angin, tetapi Khairuddin Abu Hassan, yang menuduh mereka melanggar sumpah jawatan, membantah dan diberi masa memfailkan afidavitnya.

Najib, Zahid apply to expunge Singapore court trial’s 1MDB evidence

Both say the proceeding records are hearsay but Khairuddin Abu Hassan, who accuses then of violating their oaths of office, is objecting and has been given time to rebut the applications.

Court: Lawyer can appear for Jho Low over pink diamond lawsuit

Justice Zaidi Ibrahim says there is lack of proof in Khairuddin Abu Hassan's claims of possible forgery of Jho Low's signature in appointing lawyer.

1MDB critic questions authenticity of Jho Low’s affidavit

Former Umno leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan wants Low Taek Jho to be in court for cross-examination on his affidavit.

Court to hear bid by Najib, Zahid to revoke Khairuddin’s 1MDB...

The action comes in the wake of Khairuddin claiming they breached their constitutional oaths by making misleading statements over 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion deposited into Najib’s personal accounts.

IMAMS: Pembangkang pertikai GST umrah, pelantikan syarikat swasta

Khairuddin Abu Hassan berkata penggenaan GST ke atas orang menjalankan ibadah sebagai tidak masuk akal

1MDB critics fail to set aside alleged biased ruling led by...

The present panel should not consider whether the earlier bench had made the correct decision over Chief Justice Raus Sharif attending a private event by PM Najib Razak, says justice Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin.

Question leaders on 1MDB, Khairuddin tells Umno delegates

He says delegates must have courage to raise issue if Umno is to survive and to show loyalty to party.

Cops’ action on Ambiga a warning for others, says Amanah

Government critic Khairuddin Abu Hassan also calls for police and MACC to instead focus on upholding the rule of law and protect the rights of the people.

Usaha Khairuddin ketepi waran wakili Jho Low ditetap 19 Disember

Khairuddin berkata, waran yang beri kuasa kepada firma guaman untuk bertindak bagi pihak Jho Low menimbulkan kesangsian.

Khairuddin’s bid to stop legal firm from representing Jho Low fixed...

Khairuddin says the warrant to act on behalf of Jho Low, in his suit demanding the return to 1MDB of a 22-carat pink diamond, appears to be spurious.

Najib, Zahid fail to get stay from filing defence over suit

High Court deputy registrar advises parties to explore possibility of settling case out of court, says lawyer representing Khairuddin Abu Hassan.

Mahkamah perintah Najib, Zahid failkan pembelaan langgar ikrar

Timbalan pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi memerintah Najib dan Zahid memfailkan pembelaan sebelum 27 Oktober.

Court orders Najib, Zahid to file defence for breach of oaths

They have been given until Nov 10 to file their applications to strike out former Umno leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan's suit.

Khairuddin: Case management date in Najib, Zahid suit fishy

Khairuddin Abu Hassan says it’s odd that the case management date has been fixed for his suit to unseat Najib and Zahid even before sealed copies of his summons and statement of claim to be served on them have been provided by the court.

Court allows Khairuddin to advertise lawsuit to recover US$27m diamond from...

The order was granted after three failed attempts to serve court documents at the businessman's home address in Tanjung Bungah, Penang, says lawyer.