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Kongres Maruah Melayu gesa wajib tulisan khat dalam subjek bahasa Melayu

Kongres Maruah Melayu turut menggesa kerajaan memastikan hanya tulisan jawi dan rumi digunakan untuk semua urusan rasmi kerajaan.

Jawi jadi elemen penting evolusi bahasa Melayu, kata aktivis

Aktivis kebudayaan Eddin Khoo berkata masyarakat masa kini perlu terbuka untuk mempelajari jawi kerana pengajaran masa kini terlalu teknikal.

PPBM man picks out absurdities in boycott campaign

One group used Jawi, but the name was wrong as was the spelling, while another group called for giving up cars and air travel, he says.

This isn’t the Malaysia I fought for, says Chong Wei

The triple Olympic silver medallist says he is not frequenting social media as often as he used to due to the increasing negative comments.

Think rationally, Maszlee tells groups threatening boycott over Jawi script

The education minister says children should not be deprived of education, adding that those who prevent their children from attending school may jeopardise their children’s future.

Govt to meet stakeholders before Jawi script syllabus goes to print

An education ministry source says there are no plans to delay implementation but last-minute amendments to contents are being made.

Tarik balik ‘bodoh sombong’ dalam 48 jam, kumpulan beritahu Syed Saddiq

Gabungan Seni Khat Action Team berkata mereka hanya menyeru kementerian menangguhkan pelaksanaan Jawi di sekolah-sekolah rendah.

Put Jawi lessons on hold until further discussions, say NGOs

They say the government should get the views of all parties, including those in Sabah and Sarawak, and plan to stage a protest called 'National Skip School Day' if there is no change.

2 ditahan kerana demo bantah khat

Seorang lelaki India dan seorang lelaki Cina ditahan kerana menyalahi Seksyen 105 Kanun Acara Jenayah dan Seksyen 9(5) Akta Perhimpunan Aman.

Cops nab 2 in gathering to protest khat

KL police chief Mazlan Lazim says the suspects had committed offences under the Peaceful Assembly Act.

No-go for protest against khat and anti-Naik rally in Brickfields

Police say stern action will be taken against those who disobey their orders.

Polis tak akan benarkan demo khat, Zakir Naik diteruskan

Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Mazlan Lazim berkata tindakan tegas akan diambil terhadap mereka yang melanggar perintah.

Decide or follow, which is it, Sabah MCA asks state leaders...

Sabah MCA women's chief Pamela Yong says state leaders have been issuing conflicting statements on the matter.

Polis nasihat jangan sertai demo Zakir Naik, khat

Notis yang dikemukakan penganjur didapati tidak lengkap, kata polis Brickfields.

Sabah’s education ministry has failed in fight for autonomy, says SAPP

SAPP vice-president Aloysius Siap says assistant minister Jenifer Lasimbang has conceded that Sabah has little say on education policies implemented by the federal ministry.

Stop bowing to pressure from minorities, Perak mufti tells govt

Harussani Zakaria appears to back the stand of his Perlis counterpart in defending Zakir Naik and criticising Dong Zong.

We’ll follow national education policy, including on khat, says Sabah

Sabah Assistant Education and Innovation Minister Jenifer Lasimbang says people should not jump to the conclusion that khat is religious in nature.

Let school boards approve Jawi script lessons, say Dong Zong, Chinese...

Nine Chinese-interest groups say it will be problematic for PIBGs to decide whether to allow Jawi script lessons as some schools do not even have them.

The Cabinet should ask: Will this unite or divide Malaysians

In the past, several policies or their implementation served to divide Malaysians, but in the New Malaysia, all policies should be geared towards forging unity

Let’s have One System One School, says PPBM man

Tariq Ismail says the government does not have to give funds or allocations to vernacular schools.

Stop making calls for Dr M to quit as PM, urges...

He says nothing has changed on Pakatan Harapan leaders' stand on him succeeding Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM.

Only a blind person will say there’s no difference between PH...

The PM says PH government is moving into limiting the term of the prime minister which Najib Razak failed to do.

Asri urges Malaysians to push for Dong Zong ban

The Perlis mufti backs a petition launched by PPBM Youth and also accuses Dong Zong of being racist.

Zakir Naik for round 2 at Bukit Aman on Monday

Businessman Koon Yew Yin also to be questioned on Monday about his remarks on the Armed Forces.