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Stop bowing to pressure from minorities, Perak mufti tells govt

Harussani Zakaria appears to back the stand of his Perlis counterpart in defending Zakir Naik and criticising Dong Zong.

We’ll follow national education policy, including on khat, says Sabah

Sabah Assistant Education and Innovation Minister Jenifer Lasimbang says people should not jump to the conclusion that khat is religious in nature.

Let school boards approve Jawi script lessons, say Dong Zong, Chinese...

Nine Chinese-interest groups say it will be problematic for PIBGs to decide whether to allow Jawi script lessons as some schools do not even have them.

The Cabinet should ask: Will this unite or divide Malaysians

In the past, several policies or their implementation served to divide Malaysians, but in the New Malaysia, all policies should be geared towards forging unity

Let’s have One System One School, says PPBM man

Tariq Ismail says the government does not have to give funds or allocations to vernacular schools.

Stop making calls for Dr M to quit as PM, urges...

He says nothing has changed on Pakatan Harapan leaders' stand on him succeeding Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM.

Only a blind person will say there’s no difference between PH...

The PM says PH government is moving into limiting the term of the prime minister which Najib Razak failed to do.

Asri urges Malaysians to push for Dong Zong ban

The Perlis mufti backs a petition launched by PPBM Youth and also accuses Dong Zong of being racist.

Zakir Naik for round 2 at Bukit Aman on Monday

Businessman Koon Yew Yin also to be questioned on Monday about his remarks on the Armed Forces.

Mohamad slams decision to give schools option over Jawi script

The Umno deputy president asks whether parent-teacher associations will allow it to be implemented.

Asri shouldn’t blindly support hegemony of dominant groups

Non-Malays have not rejected in toto Malay culture and language, and have accepted provisions such as the special position of the community.

Mahathir adding fuel to fire by labelling Dong Zong racist, says...

Parti Bumi Kenyalang says the situation is bad enough with the controversy over the implementation of khat in vernacular schools and the actions of preacher Zakir Naik.

Put an end to divisive rhetoric and promote national unity, urge...

Leaders of PKR, PPBM, DAP and Amanah say racial and cultural diversity must be protected and respected by all members of society.

Momen ‘apa lagi Cina mahu?’

Tembok kejahilan ada pada semua kita. Tolong jangan luaskan wilayah tembok itu merangkumi anak-anak. Mereka masa depan Malaysia.

The hijacking of Malaysia

Zakir Naik has now placed himself in a commanding position to influence the country’s politics through his brand of fiery Islam and its time to deal with him.

Don’t use education for political gain, urges SAPP

SAPP deputy president Richard Yong says Sabah should be given autonomy to manage its education matters.

Khat lessons renamed Jawi and will be optional, Cabinet decides

The Cabinet states the Jawi script lessons will not be part of any exam or monthly tests.

Putrajaya pertahan keputusan, bukan lagi khat tapi ‘tulisan Jawi’

Pengenalan tulisan Jawi diteruskan tetapi dilaksanakan hanya jika dipersetujui oleh PIBG.

Chinese in Malaysia luckier than in Singapore, Indonesia, says Utusan op-ed

Commentary by senior editor of the Malay daily compares the plight of Chinese schools in the three countries.

Umno setuju Dong Zong ‘rasis’, gesa Putrajaya haramkan Dong Zong

Ismail Sabri berkata Dong Zong salah satau persatuan yang memainkan peranan dalam mengemukakan tuntutan dalam Dokumen Suqiu pada 1999.

Honouring the Malay language is paramount, period

Let’s not speak of unity when the medium of instruction in our national schools is still up for debate.

Khat, ‘rehal’ DBP soal rasa tidak selamat semata-mata

Isu kecil dan remah yang bernada kaum dan agama boleh meraih sokongan politik berbanding isu ekonomi, korupsi dan alam sekitar.

Don’t rush to introduce khat in schools

There should be a thorough review of the curriculum where all races and religions are consulted.

‘Utter lie’ to say Cabinet members sidelined in major decisions, says...

The embattled education minister offers a strong defence of the prime minister in the wake of the khat outrage.