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No need for a government-run national airline, says don

It can be sold to foreigners with a condition to keep the Malaysia Airlines name.

Malaysia Airlines can’t go on if it continues to bleed, says...

Pong Teng Siew of Inter-Pacific Securities says Malaysia Airlines needs reforms as it has legacy issues and its internal controls are not effective.

Khazanah mulls closing down London office

It also plans to scale down operations in Turkey.

Economic turbulence may ground national airlines – permanently

With low-cost airlines offering a perfectly adequate and more competitive alternative, Malaysia isn’t the only country that should rethink whether it really needs a national airline.

Kerajaan tak tutup Malaysia Airlines, kata Guan Eng

Menteri kewangan itu berkata masa depan kakitangan syarikat penerbangan itu terjamin.

Consider whether we still need Malaysia Airlines, says ex-Khazanah MD

Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim says the airline has been bailed out two or three times before.

Khazanah’s long-term plan is solid, says financial expert

He says one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds, the Norway government pension fund, also suffered the same fate in 2018.

Khazanah owes lawmakers, people an explanation, says Mahathir

He says the sovereign wealth fund must also have an action plan to reduce future losses.

Where are your turnaround plans, KJ asks govt as Khazanah records...

The former Umno Youth chief says uncertain investor sentiment has taken a toll on the sovereign wealth fund.

Khazanah struktur semula dana walaupun keputusan lemah 2018

Khazanah Nasional Bhd memperkenalkan strategi pelaburan baru melibatkan dana komersial dan strategik.

Khazanah pertimbang jual Legoland

Taman tema itu mungkin bernilai sekitar RM1 bilion, menurut individu yang tahu mengenai perkara itu.

Khazanah restructures fund amid weak 2018 results

Realisable asset value of Khazanah's portfolio fell to RM136 billion in 2018 from RM157 billion in 2017.

Legoland Malaysia owner mulls theme park sale

The theme park could be valued at around RM1 billion, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Drug rehab centre pins hopes on Dr M to ward off...

Pengasih Malaysia is fighting a move by a Khazanah subsidiary to relocate it.

Why sell Khazanah assets when share market down, Najib asks

The former prime minister says assets should be sold when the market is performing well.

Extra funding for Malaysia Airlines depends on its proposal, says Khazanah

The national airline is in the midst of strengthening its existing business strategy and is expected to come up with new proposals.

Improve your business plan, Khazanah tells Malaysia Airlines

Khazanah Nasional boss Shahril Ridza Ridzuan says the airline is reviewing its existing strategy.

National Economic Action Council must review controversial projects

These include the third national car and the privatisation of Khazanah and other GLCs.

MITI: Putrajaya komited teroka kerjasama 2 hala dengan Palestin

Usaha meningkatkan hubungan perdagangan dan pelaburan 2 hala dengan Palestin sentiasa menjadi keutamaan kerajaan.

Dominic Silva is new deputy CEO of MIDF Amanah

MIDF group managing director says Silva brings decades of front-line experience to investment banking franchise.

Najib: Bukan saya jual tanah KTM di Tanjung Pagar

Najib berkata, di bawah perjanjian 1990, Malaysia bersetuju untuk memindahkan stesen Tanjung Pagar ke stesen baru di Kranji.

Najib questions Khazanah sale of IHH shares to Japanese without tender

Najib says Khazanah made Mitsui the largest shareholder in the company, which operates hospital chains through direct negotiations.

Najib persoal Khazanah ‘jual’ pemilik rangkaian hospital kepada syarikat Jepun

Najib Razak berkata Khazanah menjadikan Mitsui pemegang saham terbesar dalam IHH Healthcare Berhad walaupun ia beruntung besar, cepat berkembang dan penuh potensi.

Khazanah to sell IHH stake to Mitsui for RM8 billion

The sovereign wealth arm says it will remain a large shareholder in the company.