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Tag: Khoo Salma Nasution

Jejas alam sekitar, nelayan, NGO gesa PM campur tangan projek tambak...

KM Pulau Pinang, Chow Kon Yeow mendakwa Majlis Perancangan Fizikal Negara (MPFN) sudah meluluskan projek berkenaan yang dikenali sebagai projek tebus guna tanah Selatan Pulau Pinang.

CM admits drawing errors in Penang highway EIA

Chow Kon Yeow blames faulty computer-aided drawings for exceeding the number of 'berms' allowed by PWD.

Ensure projects in Penang not destructive to environment

It is time for the people to come together to ensure that climate commitments are met and the state is protected for future generations.

Activist decries Penang’s indifferent attitude on Peel Avenue bungalows

Penang Heritage Trust vice-president Khoo Salma Nasution asks what has happened to the state heritage laws and if they are ever going to be used.

Most Penangites have no clue about massive highway project, says NGO

Feedback from explainers held over the past two months reveals most are surprised that a highway project is taking place in their backyards, says Penang Forum.

Penang NGOs hail Loke’s ‘realistic’ remarks on LRT

However, ex-Seberang Perai Municipal Council member Joshua Woo says elevated trains will be Penang's best option in the long run.

Activist: State govt letting developers plan state

Penang heritage acitivist Khoo Salma Nasution takes state government to task for allowing the reclamation of three islands although it is not in the original Draft Structure Plan.