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Family members of Sri Lanka suicide bombings’ mastermind killed

Three of the 15 killed were the same people seen in the undated video on social media.

Rape and murder game pulled from Steam before release

'Rape Day', a visual novel game in which players control how the story progresses, got pulled by Steam for having content that's far too difficult to work with.

Kill classmates instead of complaining, varsity official in India tells students

Uttar Pradesh is notorious for communal tensions and crime, and has been plagued by incidents of mob violence in recent weeks.

India university official urges students to kill instead of complaining

Uttar Pradesh is notorious for communal tensions and crime and has been plagued by incidents of mob violence in recent weeks.

Colombia condemns alleged plot to kill president

Trujillo says that the threats came from "internal and external actors."

Germany’s deadliest post-war serial killer: nurse admits killing 100 patients

Niels Hoegel had already been sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2015 after he was found guilty of killing two patients with lethal injections. In January, prosecutors brought new charges against him for killing another 97 people.

Laundrette cat killing: 3rd man charged

A 41-year-old contract worker claims trial at Selayang Sessions Court.

Killing at hotel lobby: Chilean tourists want death penalty charge reduced

Their lawyers claim they acted in self-defence after the Malaysian attacked them first and have written to the AG's Chambers .

British man plotted to kill Prime Minister Theresa May

Naa'imur Rahman, 20, of north London, was convicted at the Old Bailey court of preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

Man held after stabbing 3-year-old niece 30 times

Police have detained the girl's uncle but the motive has yet to be established.

Altantuya killer Sirul in no position to bargain, says Ramkarpal

The MP says Sirul must return home and help police discover who ordered the killing of Altantuya when his death sentence is commuted to life imprisonment.

Seven inmates killed in Bolivia as police storm prison

Police stormed a riot-torn prison in Bolivia early Wednesday, killing six inmates in an operation that also left two dozen people injured, authorities said.

Boy killed by falling chair at low-cost flats: Dad demands justice

Victim’s mother, who witnessed incident, traumatised by incident in Pantai Dalam.

Man runs amok, kills 3 near Kuching

The suspect is believed to have hacked a 23-year-old man to death with a parang before setting a house on fire in which two others perished.

Multiple agencies probing crane death

Police, Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) are all investigating workers and company involved.

MCA: Third bridge akin to killing goose that lays golden egg

Bridge will affect Penang Port, which is essential for Penang’s economic progress and competitiveness, says Penang MCA Liaison Committee Secretary Dr Tan Chuan Hong.