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Incomplete puzzle in Batu Arang shooting, says lawyer

P Uthayakumar cites the absence of dashcam footage from the patrol car as well as the lack of autopsy reports.

Bahrain executes 3, including Shi’ite activists

The authorities have denied accusations of torture and repressing the opposition, and say they are protecting national security from terrorists.

Christchurch shooting: Our tragedy, our failure

We pride ourselves on being civilised, yet the biggest tragedy is that we are not civilised enough to stop killing each other over race and religion.

King condemns mass shootings at Christchurch mosques

Sultan Abdullah expresses sadness over the incident and hopes that those involved will be brought to justice.

Israel: Anti-Semitic killings in 2018 ‘highest’ in decades

A total of 13 Jews were killed in three separate attacks over the year, according to the 2018 Global anti-Semitism Report released on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Germany tries ‘serial killer’ nurse over worst post-war spree

Prosecutors say at least 35 patients were killed at a hospital in the northern city of Oldenburg where he worked and about 64 more in nearby Delmenhorst.

Philippines rights groups begin investigating killings of farmers

The killings are the latest in the country that is the deadliest in Asia for land and environmental activists, according to UK-based advocacy group Global Witness.

Black Eyed Peas tackle gun violence, immigration in videos

In the video confronting gun violence at schools, BEP members will.i.am and Taboo — who portray a teacher and a gym coach — are shot by a gunman along with several students, while others run for safety.

Saudi-led coalition admits deadly Yemen strike on bus was unjustified

The coalition said it would coordinate with the Yemeni government to compensate victims and would prevent the repeat of such incidents.

Nearly 250 dead in IS attacks on south Syria

The onslaught began with a triple suicide bombing in the city of Sweida, which was followed by attacks with guns and explosives on villages to its north and east.

Poland says wartime killings tarnish ties with Ukraine

Ukraine still refuses to accept responsibility for the genocide of Poles killed by Ukrainian nationalists between 1943 and 1945.

Killings sow fear inside Rohingya refugee camps Bangladesh

Since August, when a military crackdown in Myanmar forced many of the Muslim minority to cross the border into Bangladesh and seek shelter in the crowded camps, 19 people have been killed.

Iraq launches major anti-IS operation after killings

Dubbed "Vengeance for the Martyrs", the operation will see army, special forces, police and Kurdish peshmerga fighters hunting down IS cells in the centre of the country.

Protester dead, others shot, in anti-Ortega marches

CPDH rights group leader Marcos Carmona said the 23-year-old man was a street peddler who was shot in the head when some of the marchers strayed off the scheduled route.

Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam justifies 2015 killings

Salah Abdeslam, in custody in France over the November 2015 attacks that left 130 people dead, has refused to cooperate with French judges ever since his arrest five months after the atrocities.

Philippines’ Duterte tells police, soldiers not to cooperate in any drug...

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered police and soldiers not to cooperate in any investigation into his bloody war on drugs, amid international calls for an external probe.

UN hits out at surge in extra-judicial ‘executions’ in DR Congo

The majority of the killings occurred in Kasaï Province.

Myanmar bloodletting: Malaysia and OIC are hypocrites, says report

A Modern Tokyo Times report says Malaysia and the OIC are forgetting the elephant in the room: the large number of Muslims being ‘butchered’ by Muslims in Yemen and elsewhere.

Having no money means imminent death, says Rohingya

Two Rohingya refugees relate the torture and killings in Arakan, Myanmar and say that only with money can one hope to live another day or try to run away.

Alert members of public helped corner killer

They spot the man, wanted for shooting dead four members of a family, stopping to buy a sugarcane drink at Air Itam Market and alert police.

More merciless killings of turtles in Sabah

Another six turtles found dead in Semporna.