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N.Korean defector claims Kim regime ‘could collapse within 20 years’

Thae Yong-ho believes the regime will only end due to a generational ideology change, and not a coup d'etat or a foreign-powered regime change.

Xi heads to North Korea to meet Kim ahead of Trump...

President Xi Jinping leaves China on a historic trip to Pyongyang, rebooting a troubled alliance as he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un face their own challenges with US President Donald Trump.

Xi pens friendship letter to N. Korea before rare visit

President Xi Jinping will be the first Chinese president to visit Pyongyang in 14 years.

Trump and Kim one year on: A ‘beautiful letter’, stalled diplomacy

Since the first summit in Singapore, little progress has been made towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Trump assures Jong Un over CIA after WSJ report

US President Donald Trump publicly announces that he stands against CIA informants spying on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

N. Korea Kim’s younger sister re-emerges after 52-day absence

The report comes after rumours that Kim Jong-un carried out a massive punishment of officials responsible for the breakdown of the Trump summit.

Adik Jong Un tak dihukum atas kegagalan sidang kemuncak dengan Trump

Kim Yo Jong bersama Kim Jong Un menghadiri satu acara di Stadium May Day, Pyongyang, semalam.

Trump agrees with North Korean leader Kim on Biden

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may agree with each other over views on Joe Biden.

N.Korea slams Joe Biden for criticising leader Kim

The criticism contrasts with North Korea's repeated references to the good relationship between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

N.Korea confirms Kim ordered rocket-launch drill

The weapons were fired from the Hodo Peninsula, which has been the site of past live-fire artillery exercises, and travelled 70 to 200km.

Trump says Kim won’t break ‘promise to me’ after weapons test

Donald Trump believes Kim Jong Un will not break his promise to the denuclearisation deal.

Trump: We paid N.Korea nothing for Warmbier’s release

US President Donald Trump denies that his country paid US$2 million for Otto Warmbier who died shortly after returning from North Korea.

Jong Un: Keamanan di semenanjung Korea bergantung penuh pada tindak-tanduk AS

Korea Utara menetapkan sehingga akhir tahun ini untuk AS mengemukakan cadangan perjanjian baru yang boleh diterima Pyongyang.

With ‘swagger,’ Pompeo navigates tightrope between Trump and world

His outspokenness put him on the conservative media circuit and brought him to the attention of Trump.

Peace on Korean Peninsula depends on US attitude, says N.Korea’s Kim

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's remarks are seen as keeping the pressure on the US to be 'more flexible' in accepting demands to ease sanctions.

Putin says Pyongyang needs security guarantees to denuclearise

Russian president Vladimir Putin also says the guarantees need to be offered within a multi-national framework.

N.Korea’s Kim to talk to Putin about nuclear standoff

Kim Jong-un is seeking to rally support from Moscow after his second meeting with US President Donald Trump in Vietnam in February broke down.

Kim Jong Un to visit Russia for summit with Putin

The meeting between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin will take place soon.

N. Korea’s Kim heads to Russia to revive old friendship

The USSR began to reduce funding to the North as it began to seek reconciliation with Seoul in the 1980s, and Pyongyang was hit hard by the demise of the Soviet Union.

N. Korea says Bolton comments on Third Summit as ‘foolish’

John Bolton said the US would require more evidence Pyongyang is ready to give up its nuclear weapons before Donald Trump meets Kim Jong Un for a third time.

N. Korea test was of ground-combat weapon, S. Korea says

A US official says the weapon fired by North Korea was an anti-tank weapon, rather than a fully operational new weapon as claimed.

North Korea’s Kim to meet Putin as tensions rise with US

Kim Jong Un is still determined to remove US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from negotiations over its banned nuclear programme.

Kim Jong-un oversees test of new tactical guided weapon

It is North Korea's first public weapons test since the second US-North Korea summit in Hanoi ended with no agreement in February.

Satellite images may show reprocessing activity at N.Korea nuclear site

Any new reprocessing activity would underscore the failure of a second summit between the US and North Korea.