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Pengerusi SPR nafi tidak pertahan pegawai dalam kes Kimanis

Pada 16 Ogos, Mahkamah Pilihan Raya membatalkan kemenangan bekas menteri luar Anifah Aman, yang bertanding mewakili BN di Kimanis dalam pilihan raya umum Mei 2018.

EC chief denies not standing by his officers in Kimanis case

Azhar Harun says there is no question of him not defending EC officers.

Mat Sabu sees big Warisan win if Kimanis goes to polls

Strong support for Warisan chief Shafie Apdal and narrow result in 2018 seen as indicators.

Umno to seek removal of Selangor Speaker

Motion to be tabled against Ng Suee Lim over the adjournment of the state assembly before a bill on unilateral conversion could be tabled.

Umno akan usul pecat speaker Selangor, kata Zahid

Umno akan mengusulkan pemecatan Ng Suee Lim yang didakwa tidak menghormati institusi raja.

Sabah Umno identifies 3 potential candidates for Kimanis

After Anifah Amin's victory is declared null and void, Sabah Umno says it will go all-out to retain the seat if a by-election is held.

EC to wait out appeal period before deciding on Kimanis by-election

This follows Kota Kinabalu Election Court declaration that the victory of former foreign minister Anifah Aman in the Kimanis parliamentary seat in GE14 is null and void.

Mahkamah batal kemenangan bekas menteri Anifah di Kimanis

Ini bermakna Sabah mungkin perlu mengadakan satu lagi pilihan raya kecil.

Court declares Kimanis election result null and void

This means there could be another by-election in Sabah although Anifah Aman is set to appeal the ruling.

New airport for Sabah’s west coast possible, says CM

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says this may become necessary to ease congestion at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport which will reach its 9-million-passenger capacity in the next few years.

Petisyen cabar kemenangan BN di Kimanis, Sipitang didengar Mahkamah Tinggi

Hakim di Sibu, Lee Heng Cheong akan mendengar petisyen Kimanis, manakala Azhahari Kamal Ramli dari Mahkamah Tinggi Kuching, mendengar kes Sipitang.

Court to hear petitions to challenge BN victories in Kimanis, Sipitang

Two judges from Sarawak will be hearing the petitions to challenge incumbents Anifah Aman and Yamani Hafez Musa.

Court rules Anifah remains Kimanis MP

This means Warisan has lost all of its eight election petitions in Sabah.

Rasuah: 2 ahli PKR Sabah direman 6 hari

Seorang suspek ialah calon ketua bahagian PKR Kimanis yang bertanding pada pemilihan PKR, manakala seorang lagi ahli biasa.

2 Kimanis PKR members remanded in corruption probe

They were arrested last night following a tip-off from the public.

Anifah hints at creating new party

The former foreign minister says the decision will depend on the outcome of deliberations by the MA63 committees.

Court defers decision on Anifah’s seat

Anifah Aman and Joniston Bangkuai's victories are being challenged by two Warisan leaders.

Anifah more likely to join PH than form new local opposition...

The former foreign minister may even take up responsibility of setting up PPBM in Sabah, says source.

Malaysian crude Kimanis trades at highest premium this year

Malaysian crude oil grade Kimanis traded above US$5 a barrel to dated Brent, the highest level this year.

Warisan files election petitions to challenge GE14 results

The party is challenging the results in the parliamentary seats of Kimanis, Libaran, Keningau and Sipitang, and the state seats of Sungai Sibuga, Sook, Kundasang and Kiulu.

Warisan accuses EC of electoral fraud in Kimanis

Election Commission asked to either annul the result and declare Karim Bujang the winner or hold a by-election for the seat.

Why isn’t Mahathir visiting Sabah to tell us his plans, asks...

The Kimanis parliamentary candidate challenged the Pakatan Harapan leader to explain to Sabahans why he must be made the prime minister again.

Media dishonest about Warisan, says Shafie

The Warisan president says some media intentionally give wrong perception about the situation in state.

Anifah plans varsity campus for Kimanis

BN candidate says he is concerned about youth unemployment and will create job opportunities and develop small industries.