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Umno, DAP bertengkar kerana RUU Antiberita Tidak Benar

Noh Omar mendakwa rancangan menubuhkan jawatankuasa melawan berita palsu nampak seolah DAP perlu akta baru.

Time for a ‘major review’ of our promises, Kit Siang tells...

The DAP strongman says there is a perception that PH has not delivered since taking over Putrajaya.

Kit Siang says Ku Li silent on 1MDB but vocal on...

The DAP leader says the royal commission of inquiry into forex losses by Bank Negara was politically motivated.

Kit Siang, Hadi call for probe into Morsi’s death

The two rival political leaders refer to reports alleging mistreatment of the former president behind bars.

Debate on kleptocracy fine, let’s do it after Raya, Najib tells...

But the former PM says other topics should also be included in the debate.

Stop your attacks on fellow ministers, Kit Siang tells PH leaders

Veteran DAP leader urges them to agree to standard operating procedures for expression of criticism or even attacks on other leaders.

Najib akan lapor diri sendiri kepada polis esok

Hari ini genap seminggu Najib menggesa kerajaan membuka semula siasatan 4 kes kematian berprofil tinggi.

Isn’t ‘Malay tsunami’ as racist as ‘Chinese tsunami’, Najib asks Kit...

The former prime minister questions the term used by DAP in the build-up to the May 9 polls.

Mah should have quit over 1MDB, says Kit Siang

The DAP supremo says the former minister's decision to step down as Gerakan president because of the party's poor performance in the May 9 polls is a great disservice to himself.

Talk to Hanif, not sue him

The former top cop served the nation well and is a man of integrity.

Civil society pushes for end to Sedition Act

Activists and lawyers press the government to scrap the law as promised in the PH election manifesto.

Ramkarpal regrets call to probe Hanif for sedition

The DAP MP, however, maintains the former IGP’s statement may be criminal in nature and urges the police to investigate him under the Penal Code.

No need for MCA to close shop over Balakong defeat, says...

Former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi says Malaysia needs opposition parties to ensure check and balance against the government of the day and the MCA should reorganise itself to become more powerful.

Penang rep defends senatorship of Kit Siang’s daughter

Satees Muniandy says there was no nepotism as Lim Hui Ying was voted unanimously by the Penang state legislative assembly, based on merit.

Sudah-sudahlah Kit Siang, kata Najib

Bekas PM meminta pemimpin besar DAP itu henti memainkan agama atau memburukkan mana-mana agama.

You have no right to attack religions, Najib tells Kit Siang

Former prime minister says it is not for the DAP supremo to say whether a religion is a form of kleptocracy.

Now, it’s ex-judges Ariff or Hishamudin for speaker post

The plan to appoint an MP to the crucial Dewan Rakyat post appears to have been abandoned, says a source.

Kit Siang says it’s okay to expose scandals

The DAP supremo says it is better for Putrajaya to make wrongdoings public than wait for the opposition to grill the government over it.

Kit Siang: Let ‘MAHATHIR’ replace ‘RAHMAN’ prophecy

The DAP veteran leader says the first two letters in 'MAHATHIR' will be fulfilled if Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim become Malaysia's next two prime ministers.

Kit Siang slams speaker for ‘parliamentary ghost’ treatment

Pandikar says he has 'shut' his eyes to Lim and will not see him or let him take part in the proceedings for disobeying a suspension order.

Saya kesal main politik kaum dulu, kata Mukhriz

Timbalan presiden PPBM itu mengakui beliau mengamalkan politik perkauman ketika bersama Umno untuk menakut-nakutkan rakyat terutama orang Melayu.

People know who to trust, so stop the accusations and challenges

It is useless for politicians and political parties to throw challenges against each other – who is to contest against whom and in which constituency - as issuing or accepting challenges will not make a candidate win or lose.

PH yakin pengundi Gelang Patah belum patah semangat sokong pembangkang

Tamparan 2013 yang menyaksikan berakhirnya karier politik MB Johor ketika itu, Abdul Ghani Othman, masih segar dalam ingatan rakyat Malaysia.

Kit Siang contesting in Bentong? We’re ready to face him, says...

MCA president says he's confident of continued support of voters there as he has served them since 1999.