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Tag: Klang Valley

Heavy traffic on highways as ‘balik kampung’ exodus begins

PLUS and Malaysian Highway Authority report traffic crawl on highways leading out of the Klang Valley.

Langat 2 to begin supplying water in August

The water supply will benefit 325,000 households.

Water supply in affected areas in Klang Valley almost fully restored

This is earlier than the 86 hours earlier anticipated to restore supply after completion of scheduled maintenance work at the Sungai Selangor Water Treatment Plant.

Equipment replacement work at Selangor water treatment plant completed

However, water restoration to 4 million people in Klang Valley will take another 3 days, depending on the location.

Millions in KL, Selangor brace for dry days

Many are stocking up on water ahead of a major water disruption beginning tomorrow.

Dry taps for 4 million in KL, Selangor on April 24

The water disruption, caused by upgrading work on the electrical supply system at a treatment plant, is expected to last 86 hours.

Govt cancels RM5.2 bil double-tracking contract due to high cost

Government will award open tender for the project next year.

‘Journey Planner’ app to help KL public transport users

Smartphone app from SPAD will provide real-time information on all bus and rail services in the Klang Valley, says Minister in the PM's Dept Nancy Shukri.

Youths see little value in office rules

Several youths tell FMT that more freedom from stifling office rules would mean better quality of work and greater productivity.

Banks stricter, cautious in financing malls, says Johari

Deputy finance minister says the move is to curb the oversupply of retail space with new malls coming up across Klang Valley.

NGO: Why are elected reps silent on Unicef report on starving...

Teach For The Needs says politicians should look into issue of poverty-stricken children.

Health DG: Viral message on water contamination not true

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says based on checks, there had been no reports of an increase in food poisoning cases in the Klang Valley.

Office space: Oversupply, yes, crash, no, says real estate firm

The oversupply of office space, especially in the Klang Valley, is expected to continue through this year, says Savills (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Food delivery business sizzles and soars in Malaysia

Delivery of affordable, convenient and healthy food appeals to millions of customers in the region, Dahmakan co-founder Jessica Li tells portal.

See-To to DAP: How is rising ridership on public rails bad?

BN Strategic Communications deputy director accuses DAP of using selective statistics and hiding important information to paint a bleak picture of government rail investments in the Klang Valley.

Banks not responsible for commercial space glut, says ABM

Association of Banks in Malaysia says banks are only one part of the ‘ecosystem’ responsible for the creation of properties and not the only parties that provide financing.

Brief chaos in Dewan Rakyat over Selangor’s Splash takeover

BN MPs shout 'menteri besar bodoh' as Selangor MB Azmin Ali asks minister to state the price for water-treatment concessionaire as determined by evaluator Deloitte.

True Fitness throws in the towel

Company says business no longer financially viable, and subscribers may continue their fitness regime with another fitness firm they have made arrangements with.

Public irked by Air Selangor’s ‘absurd’ response

Explanations given by Air Selangor are just to cover up its inability to address and manage water disruption crises, say residents.

Water supply fully restored in Klang and Shah Alam

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor says the scheduled water supply to consumers in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling recorded up to 94% and 86% recovery.

Too many malls can spell trouble for banks

Property expert warns that oversupply of retail space may mean mall owners will be unable to service their loans.

Syabas: Water supply almost fully restored

Two remaining areas, both in Klang, will get their water supply restored by tonight, says Syabas.

MRT, a boost for nation and the people

Now we need sound fiscal and monetary policies, as well as structural reforms to match the potential economic growth of the nation.

Water plants working but only Zone 1 gets supply first

Tenaga Nasional Bhd finishes its maintenance work on time as scheduled.