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New master plan for Kampung Baru ‘in the works’

2015 plan to be scrapped, and a new plan will focus on sustainable living and development on par with KLCC, says report.

Viral pictures of SMART tunnel flooding untrue, says minister

He says floodwaters gushed into a road tunnel near Jalan Tun Razak heading towards KLCC.

Ramada Suites KLCC: Home in the heart of the city

Located along Lorong Ceylon, the suites are tastefully designed while the surroundings offer a fascinating mix of pubs, clubs, eateries and shopping complexes.

When your ‘ability’ determines your affordability rating

It is your choice to ensure that you have the ability to generate income over time so you can afford to buy your desired piece of property.

5 must-eats at TAPAK Urban Street Dining

You'll be spoilt for choice as one food truck after another offers the most tantalising meals, snacks and thirst-quenchers.

KLCC Holdings: What Tower M?

The company has refuted recent media reports that a new triple-tower project will take shape in Kuala Lumpur.

New super-tall ‘triplets’ in KL to make up for Twin Tower’s...

The three-tower project in the city is a long-term plan and its construction could only start after 2030, says a report.

KLCC to proceed with extension projects

Group CEO Hashim Wahir says the Council of Eminent Persons is 'very concerned about the supply of offices and commercial spaces in Kuala Lumpur'.

Motorcyclist who rammed into fallen tree still unconscious

The 37-year-old victim is still unconscious but his condition is reportedly improving.

Newlyweds end up in hospital after m-cycle hits tree near KLCC

Wife says her husband had no time to stop his motorcycle hitting the tree which collapsed in front of them.

Pokok tumbang dekat KLCC disebabkan akar mereput

DBKL berkata pereputan akar pokok itu menyebabkan pokok tidak stabil dan mudah tumbang.

2 cedera, pokok berdekatan KLCC tumbang

Sebuah kereta turut dihempap tetapi pemandunya tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan.

Beli hartanah untuk jual semula tidak lagi lumayan, kata penganalisis

Kegiatan itu tidak lagi memberi keuntungan tinggi akibat lebihan hartanah dan dijangka berlarutan untuk beberapa tahun lagi.

Johari: Government is tackling property glut

The second finance minister says several measures have been introduced to resolve the oversupply of properties, but the government does not want to send a wrong signal to investors.

Fattah tak layan kecaman, yakin bukunya beri inspirasi

Netizen mengecam Fattah dengan melabelkan buku bertajuk, ‘99 Kata-kata Fattah Amin – Qalif Moden’ sebagai tidak bermakna.

The undoing of the people’s movement

Bersih continues to allow itself to be used by politicians, and now Mahathir has joined the bandwagon.

Salleh: No agenda to erase Dr Mahathir’s legacy

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says the Government is focused on ensuring that all Malaysians benefit from development, not just a few cronies as in the era of Mahathir.

Tiada siapa persoal legasi Dr M, kata Salleh

Menteri komunikasi itu berkata legasi Dr Mahathir seperti kereta nasional Proton bukan sesuatu yang boleh dipadam.

Power trip results in LRT passengers walking on rail track

The incident took place at about 9.10am today between the Datuk Keramat and Damai stations.

Taxi drivers make good money ferrying migrants during Raya

Foreigners make use of holiday period to visit Kuala Lumpur city centre with their friends.

‘Punish those who waste food at buka puasa’

Consumer group: Fine those who pile up their plates, pull restaurants' halal certificates.

Polis buru 10 paraglider lintas terbang KLCC

Polis masih tidak dapat mengenal pasti identiti 10 paraglider itu dan tidak menolak kemungkinan mereka adalah warga asing.

Didakwa halang anak gelandangan makan

Restoran makanan segera di KLCC didakwa membatalkan program yang membabitkan anak gelandangan tanpa alasan yang kukuh.

Tiada serangan IS di KL – Polis

Setakat ini, tiada laporan Cawangan Khas PDRM mengenai ancaman serangan IS di beberapa tempat di ibu negara