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Tag: kleptocracy

Najib taunts Kit Siang with questions he would have asked in...

Former PM says he would have asked the DAP leader not only about 1MDB and ECRL but also on the corruption case involving his son Guan Eng.

Najib-Kit Siang debate will only serve ex-PM’s agenda

Unlike Lim, Najib needs all the publicity he can get because he wants to give the impression that he did nothing wrong with regards to 1MDB.

Debate on kleptocracy fine, let’s do it after Raya, Najib tells...

But the former PM says other topics should also be included in the debate.

Lawyers split over AGC’s use of ‘kleptocracy’

This comes after an internal letter by the solicitor-general in the Attorney-General's Chambers was leaked online.

How kingpins behind looting of S. Africa may evade justice

Criminal charges would have to be pursued by the police and National Prosecuting Authority, which have been hamstrung by management upheaval and a shortage of manpower and skills to tackle complex cases.

Good times ahead for rejecting ‘kleptocracy’, says Dr M

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Malaysians achieved an unexpected victory in the last election by changing the government.

You have no right to attack religions, Najib tells Kit Siang

Former prime minister says it is not for the DAP supremo to say whether a religion is a form of kleptocracy.

Don’t ridicule my religion, Najib warns Kit Siang

Former prime minister says the DAP leader is suggesting that a BN victory in Sungai Kandis is like agreeing that Islam is kleptocracy.

Malaysia may only get 1/3 of assets recovered by US, warns...

Saying two-thirds will likely be taken by the US Department of Justice as proceeds and costs, senior lawyer Rosli Dahlan suggests the government go out to recover the assets on its own.

‘1MDB leaker’ Justo meets Mahathir

In town: former PetroSaudi International executive who released hundreds of thousands of emails which led to worldwide investigations involving 1MDB and its business partners and Penang-born businessman Jho Low.

Democracy against kleptocracy

Malaysians have achieved a great victory in voting for what is hoped will be a better, more just and corruption-free government to safeguard the people's well-being and security.

DAP leader: Let’s bury BN in their free coffins

The offer of free coffins to the Indian community in Bagan Datuk, allegedly made by the deputy prime minister, was the main topic at a DAP ceramah in Ipoh.

Arul Kanda: DoJ yet to contact 1MDB

1MDB chief says the company itself is not under investigation, and is open and willing to cooperate.

Unbelievable for 1MDB to deny RM430 million, says Pua

MP Tony Pua says he cannot believe 1MDB's claim that the money said to be held by Switzerland does not belong to it and that all its money is fully accounted for.

Zaid: PH manifesto must ensure leaders never enrich themselves

The former minister says the only meaningful promise in the Pakatan Harapan election manifesto will be about how to deal with kleptocracy and to ensure there is no such recurrence.

Guan Eng trumpets ‘Malaysian dream’, sans kleptocracy, 1MDB, GST

In his New Year message Penang chief minister says the dream promises a future for all our children, and not just those of cronies and well-connected people in power.

Court to hear bid by Najib, Zahid to revoke Khairuddin’s 1MDB...

The action comes in the wake of Khairuddin claiming they breached their constitutional oaths by making misleading statements over 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion deposited into Najib’s personal accounts.

Lawyer: US not likely to seek Malaysia’s help in 1MDB probe

Haniff Khatri says after Swiss AG's failure to get assistance from Attorney-General Apandi Ali, US AG Jeff Sessions might skip mutual legal assistance request, but another lawyer says Sessions is likely to try.

What 1MDB issue? There’s no issue here, say Umno members

They say no one can be accused of anything without concrete proof, and advise Malaysians to take news on 1MDB with a pinch of salt.

Najib’s poor rebuttal to Mahathir shows he has no answers, says...

PH chief secretary Saifuddin Abdullah says any thinking Malaysian knows who is more intellectual.

AG urged to appoint counsel to represent Malaysia’s interest in DoJ...

Failure by Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali to respond to his US counterpart Jeff Sessions on the 1MDB scandal means our chief legal adviser is only a ‘village champion’, says lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

1MDB: Why the silence, defend nation’s honour, Pua tells Najib

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua questions if Prime Minister Najib Razak will dare call up the US ambassador, and condemn remarks by US AG Jeff Sessions against 1MDB.

Bersih hails US AG’s criticism of 1MDB

It says Jeff Sessions' comments have given it much hope in its own asset recovery campaign.

Kit Siang: Will Umno continue ignoring 1MDB after remarks by US...

DAP veteran says Jeff Sessions omitted Malaysia when thanking law enforcement bodies for their cooperation as Malaysian agencies have refused to cooperate over 1MDB.