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Tag: kleptocrats

Jho Low trying to block distribution of 1MDB documentary, says report

The Hollywood Reporter says 'The Kleptocrats' is due to air on Starz on Aug 5 and the BBC later this year.

1MDB: How the US can end corporate shell games

1MDB is just the latest illustration of a global problem arising from the ability of individuals to use shell companies to conceal the proceeds of crime.

PAS wrong, hudud will affect non-Muslims, says MCA

Kelantan MCA leader says summons to outlet run by non-Muslims in Kota Baru mall proves Islamist party will take action against non-Muslims under shariah law.

Police must act on ‘colossal robbery’, says Ramasamy

DAP's P Ramasamy says it is unimaginable that police cannot take action against those committing financial atrocities in Malaysia when the authorities abroad can.