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Dr M: Perlu tarik status PR jika Naik ganggu-gugat negara

Serahkan kepada polis untuk menyiasat dakwaan terhadap Zakir Naik, kata perdana menteri.

We’re not profiling, Aussie envoy tells 6 Malaysians barred from flying

Andrew Goledzinowski says airline liaison officers at airports are well trained and experienced at determining which Malaysians are coming to Australia to work illegally.

AirAsia dismisses airline group’s remarks on airport passenger tax

AirAsia CEO Riad Asnat says the Board of Airline Representatives has no standing on the issue as its members do not operate from Klia2.

AirAsia to appeal court ruling on passenger service charges

The low-cost airline says it will apply for a stay of execution on the order to pay RM40.6 million to Malaysia Airports.

Kastam tumpas cubaan seludup lebih 5,000 kura-kura ke India

Anak kura-kura bernilai RM52,550 diletakkan di dalam 32 bakul kecil di dalam bagasi milik 2 suspek dengan sebahagiannya didapati sudah mati.

Haziq Aziz ditangkap di KLIA

Peguam Ramesh Kumar berkata Haziq ditangkap di klia2 petang tadi.

Freed Vietnamese woman in Kim Jong Nam murder case arrives home

Doan Thi Huong, who was released after serving a short stay in jail as her sentence commenced from her date of arrest, says she is happy to be home and plans to become an actress.

Transport expert welcomes boost to KLIA-klia2 link

Roger Teoh hails MAHB's plans to introduce airside transfers and interlining, saying this will ensure greater convenience for passengers and boost efficiency for airline operators.

KLIA2 dipilih lapangan terbang kos rendah ke-3 terbaik dunia

Mengungguli carta 10 lapangan terbang kos rendah terbaik ialah Terminal 2 di Kansai dan Terminal 3 di Narita, kedua-duanya di Jepun.

klia2 voted third best low-cost terminal in world survey

It only lost out to Terminal 2 at Kansai International Airport and Terminal 3 at Narita International Airport, both of which are well-known in Japan.

AirAsia-MAHB dispute: Mavcom leaves it to courts to decide

Chairman Nungsari Ahmad Radhi says this is a commercial dispute and it is better to wait for the court's decision.

Klia2 exceeds quality of service targets

The targets are set by Mavcom to ensure consistent passenger comfort at the airport.

AirAsia seeks RM480 million in damages from MAHB

AirAsia, in seeking mediation with MAHB, says it has suffered losses due to disruptions to flights and the poor condition of the klia2 terminal over the last four years.

Immigration Department to probe bullying claims by French researcher

The department will also assist police in their investigations into the 'misunderstanding' between researcher Sophie Lemiere and immigration officers at klia2, says director-general Khairul Dzaimee Daud.

AirAsia seeks RM400 mil in counter claims from airport operator

The low-cost airline says it suffered losses due to operational disruptions, adding MAHB’s earlier suit against it should be struck down because the airport operator didn't comply with the law.

klia2 now bee-free, says MAHB

It says a pest control team carried out a fumigation exercise at 8pm last night.

No hive, just migrating bees, says airports operator

MAHB says it’s common for migrating swarms of bees to congregate at airports and that fumigation is carried out to disperse the insects.

AirAsia henti kutip RM3 daripada penumpang

Ia adalah usaha mengekalkan kadar tambang udara yang rendah bagi penerbangan yang beroperasi di klia2.

KLIA, klia2 score flying colours in latest airport audit

The Malaysian Aviation Commission's Quality of Service framework is meant to ensure consistent passenger comfort at airports.

Kim Jong Nam murder case: Dec 18 for decision on witness...

Defence wants court to direct prosecution to give them copies of statements made by seven prosecution witnesses to police.

Increased buggy service, free wheelchairs and strollers for klia2

Malaysia's main airport operator is forking out RM5 million to boost accessibility in klia2 through these measures.

Malaysia Airports claiming RM36 mil in unpaid fees from AirAsia

AirAsia Group and AirAsia X Bhd say the claims are unreasonable and made without justification.

‘No more airports’: Syrian man Kontar lands in Canada

Hassan Al-Kontar, who was stuck in transit for seven months at klia2, says he has 'done his time' in airports after arriving in Vancouver.

Syrian man stuck in transit now bound for Canada

Hassan Al-Kontar, who was recently detained by the police, says he does not want to focus on the past anymore.