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Tag: Kluang prison

Muhyiddin urged to probe inmate’s death in prison

Hindraf wants action taken against Attorney-General for not doing anything about the death of Sasikumar Selvam in Johor which was ruled to be homicide.

Why the silence on my report against AG, Waytha asks Fuzi

Hindraf chairman demands answers from IGP three weeks after filing police report asking for probe into attorney-general's inaction on 2015 murder in prison.

Report filed over AG’s inaction on 2015 murder in prison

P Waythamoorthy says home minister, IGP must investigate why nothing was done after coroner ruled death of Kluang prison inmate Sasikumar was due to homicide.

Hindraf: Give the poor a break when passing sentence

Hindraf chairman Waythamoorthy says jailing of unemployed man for stealing 4 Nutella jars suggests judiciary should look at motives behind certain crimes.

Coroner court finds Sasikumar custodial death not suicide

The coroner says there's evidence that demands police investigate persons, particular inmates or prison officers, involved in a drug syndicate in prison.

Suaram condemns ‘illegal detention’ of 2 Singaporeans

Suaram chief Sevan Doraisamy says the two women charged with shoplifting, are still in Kluang prison even after serving a one-day jail term on June 22.

Prison death: Officer tells inquest deceased feared for his life

Inquest into death of S Shashikumar in Kluang Prison in May 2015, questions officer over transcript of statement by deceased implicating prison staff in drug racket.

Hindraf: End drug rings in Kluang prison

Waythamoorthy calls for inquest into prisoner's death and action on Suhakam findings.