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Tag: Koon Yew Yin

Perkasa wants cops to probe Kadir Jasin, tycoon for sedition

The Malay rights group says the veteran newsman and Koon Yew Yin have insulted the royalty.

Tycoon asks Nga’s forgiveness after ‘blowing his top’ on advisory post

Koon Yew Yin says he regrets writing the piece on Nga Kor Ming for not defending him after his sacking from the Perak Economic Advisory Council.

New airport snub behind ouster as Perak adviser too, claims tycoon

Koon Yew Yin says his removal from the Perak Economic Advisory Council was also because he suggested expanding the existing airport instead of building a new one.

I removed tycoon as adviser, not Perak sultan, says MB

Perak MB says tycoon Koon Yew Yin had sullied the good name of Perak palace, the late sultan and current sultan.

Saya batal lantikan taikun sebagai penasihat ekonomi, kata MB Perak

Ahmad Faizal Azumu berkata, Sultan Perak tidak terbabit secara langsung atau tidak langsung dalam keputusan membatalkan pelantikan Koon Yew Yin.

Perak Exco in the dark over tycoon’s claims of palace interference

Exco member Asmuni Awi says Koon Yew Yin has already been appointed as one of the state economic advisers a few months ago.

Istana nafi sultan halang taikun dilantik penasihat Perak

Koon Yew Yin mendakwa setiausaha menteri besar Perak meminta alamatnya untuk menghantar surat pelantikan sebagai penasihat ekonomi negeri selepas pilihan raya umum 9 Mei lalu, tetapi pelantikan itu dihentikan atas arahan istana.

Palace denies tycoon’s claim that sultan stopped his appointment as Perak...

Koon Yew Yin claims Sultan Nazrin Shah is unhappy over his allegations that Datukships were sold in Perak during the reign of the late Sultan Azlan Shah.

Mahathir’s Forest City mistake

The new government has no 'locus standi' to prevent foreigners from buying apartments.

2 new proposals for Penang student hostels

There are more than 30 universities and colleges in Penang, but only USM has student hostels.

Ex-students of Technical College remember Malaysia’s greatest builders

The British-era college has produced engineers and construction experts who went on to build some of Malaysia's most iconic landmarks.

MBAM’s reply to Koon Yew Yin on Master Builders president

The association responds to its former secretary-general's opinion that past deputy president AK Nathan should be made president.

AK Nathan best choice for Master Builders president

It is not right for the well-known builder, who has done so much for the association, to be removed through a coup.

Will Ku Li stand by his 10 golden principles?

They will help him to redeem his name and honour and put Umno back on the right track to being a decent and respectable party.

Why Nga Kor Ming deserves to be a minister

The DAP MP has defeated ministers from two BN component parties and is known for his oratory skills.

‘Just 5% shift will give Perak to Pakatan’

Businessman Koon Yew Yin says Perak people are unhappy with Zambry Abdul Kadir's state government.

Taikun: PH boleh menang Perak, jika…

Pengasas IJM Corporation, Koon Yew Yin berkata, PH boleh merampas Perak daripada BN jika ia mampu mengekalkan sokongan pada PRU13 dan raih tambahan 5% undi.

Philanthropist-businessman tells why May 13 won’t happen again

Koon Yew Yin says the situation today is totally different from that in 1969, with too many Malay political and non-political players opposing BN for this to happen.

The truth about my charity donations

After seeing the picture below, many people have been wondering what the true story is. It is so misleading. Let me tell you the whole episode.

Take heed of World Bank’s procurement guideline

Writer calls for Penang government to follow guideline to avoid any allegation of corruption, which can occur even in the case of an open tender.

Donor tells of frustration over RM50 million offer to help Penang...

Koon Yew Yin of IJM fame tells how difficult it has been for him to do a good deed by building affordable hostel facilities for university students.

Here’s why an opposition grand coalition can defeat BN

Although the gerrymandering will continue, the significant difference is that Dr Mahathir's new party will be competing for Malay votes in the small towns and villages.

The real mastermind(s) who shot down Hadi’s bill

We who have been speaking out against RUU355 need to have faith that if we stand up for our rights and fight for a fair, just, secular and liberal society, we can make a difference.

Koon’s way to profit from the stock market

Lessons learned over 30 years from making money when stocks sink and soar.