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Tag: Kopi And Property

Financially speaking, what counts as success?

Financial success is not necessarily restricted to being a multi-millionaire.

Affordable homes on RAC’s railway land

Profits from development projects on RAC lands should be a recurring one.

Co-working spaces mushroom in KL

A co-working space might just fit the bill for new businesses

Get 50% tax deduction from property rental income

A quick and easy guide on declaring rental income from a property.

How to price your property right

There’s no need to be worried about a buyer’s market if you price your property right.

Will lower coffee bean prices impact prospects for property?

Although there are big savings to be made for the everyday man, saving for that downpayment still depends on a drinker’s habits.

Co-living: How open are Malaysians to this idea?

While Hong Kong and now Singapore embrace the idea of co-living, the compelling reason behind it is the skyrocketing prices of property there.

Attention all sellers: The market is good for buying too

Yes, it’s a buyer’s market today. But a seller can also be a buyer, so don't be discouraged.

Car versus property: Time to focus on what really matters

Time to reconsider if buying a car that depreciates in value is better than buying a property that appreciates in value.

A newbie’s guide to property basics

First time house buyers need to consider the basics of acquiring a property.

Can your property value plummet?

You can get into real financial trouble if your investments tank.

Achieve the billionaire mindset

It takes an innovative idea and sound financial management to make it rich.

Do property agents earn a basic salary? The answer will surprise...

Being a real estate negotiator takes loads of courage because your livelihood depends on commissions alone as you don't earn a basic salary.

Taiping named 3rd most sustainable city in the world but…

While Taiping is an amazing city, it isn't right for property investment. It is however a great location for a retirement home.

Airport in Penang must expand to cater to higher number of...

Even medical tourism which Penang is dominant in cannot grow if patients have to fly to other cities, then take a coach to Penang.

How to cut travel costs to KLIA when taking a flight

Rather than drive, consider taking the Skybus instead and parking at 1Utama.

Why an understanding of financial management is important

Malaysians have to be better prepared for retirement as we are living longer lives now.

Should you buy that unsuitable property at a discount?

You must remember that the purpose of buying a property is not because of a discount but rather because the property meets your needs.

Selangor’s 30,000 affordable homes are attractively priced

At 1,000 sq ft per unit, the price is only RM232 per sq ft with two car parks - a rather attractive deal.

Give first-time home buyers of secondary market incentives too

Incentives for properties under the Home Ownership Campaign should also include the secondary market as there are more affordable homes here.

To rent or to buy, that’s the question

While the market may be good for rental income today, will it be good for rental income forever? The answer is obviously 'no'.

‘Unsold’ units not the same as ‘oversupply’

While it should be clear by now that these two terms have different meanings in the property market, many are still confused about it.

From earning just RM65 a month, she’s a billionaire today

Wu Yajun is seventh on a global list of self-made women billionaires, and the richest self-made woman in the world.

Proud to still be working at 77? It largely depends on...

It's important to understand if you're working past retirement because you need the money or because you want to keep yourself active and busy.