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Tag: Kopi And Property

Is inflation your friend or foe?

If you understand how inflation works, you can use it to your advantage.

Does a renovated unit get you higher returns?

Every buyer has a different view when it comes to the issue of renovation, so tread carefully.

Why you should start financial planning early

Savings alone used to be enough, but this is no longer so today. It’s all about staying ahead of inflation.

Are 30,000 people to face unemployment this year?

The important thing is for the economy to grow and produce more more job opportunities.

10 tips on choosing a good tenant

With the wrong tenant, the rental income is not worth the headache in future.

Good deals ahead for first time property buyers

Demand for affordable homes is going to increase so banks will be more willing to fund projects.

6 reasons 2019 is still the best time to buy property

In 2019, view, compare, evaluate carefully then buy a good property and wait to cash in.

It’s population growth that drives the property market

There is a mismatch between affordability and homes being built and offered today.

What if you retire without owning any property?

Invest your money and do buy a property to stay in when you retire and your income stops.

Affordability versus accessibility: Understand the difference

No down payment, bank mortgages or high rental rates doesn't make owning a property more affordable, just more accessible. And this is not a good thing.

7 things to do while awaiting a property bubble burst

Keep a lookout for signs of the property bubble bursting so you can swoop in and make the most of it when it happens.

Start working on your passive income now

You have to plan and start investing now to kick start your passive income stream.

No car parks for housing near MRT stations? Think again

A future in which everybody takes public transportation is still far off. Thus, people will continue to drive cars and car parks will still be very much needed.

Why you should not retire early

If you are able to work productively, you can delay digging into your precious retirement funds

Retirement is rewarding if you plan well in advance

To avoid regret, plan for your retirement well in advance.

Booming car sales show Malaysians have stable jobs

For the year, total industry volume (TIV) was up 41% to 60,780 units from 42,777 registered in the same month last year.

Real estate negotiators set their own salaries

How much is a REN’s salary? It depends on the limits you set for yourself.

Investing in one property motivates the purchase of the next

Owning one property highly motivates the purchase of another one.

Will electric vehicles cause a dip in oil prices by 2020?

To those driving full-electric cars today, you may be changing the world for the better and the worse. Read on to find out why.

Buy low and sell high still the gold standard

Property returns are usually above the inflation rate so investments are meant to hedge against inflation.

Understanding the link between property prices and location

When scouting for a home to buy, remember that the property is always more affordable the further it is away from the city centre or other high-demand areas.

Penang takes steps to ease traffic

‘The Penang state government is taking positive steps to ease traffic congestion.’

Financially speaking, what counts as success?

Financial success is not necessarily restricted to being a multi-millionaire.

Affordable homes on RAC’s railway land

Profits from development projects on RAC lands should be a recurring one.