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Tag: Korea

K-Pop Idol teruk dikecam kerana berpakaian terlalu seksi

Kumpulan Berry Good mendakwa kostum yang dipakai dari watak Ahri League of Legends disediakan pihak penganjur.

Lisa Blackpink jadi artis K-pop pertama miliki 20 juta pengikut

Kumpulan Blackpink berasal dari Korea menjadi terkenal dan diikuti ramai di seluruh dunia.

Experience traditional Korea in Bukchon

Bukchon may be off the beaten track but offers interesting traditional artisanal crafts

China strips South Korea of football trophy for ‘indecent’ celebrations

China strips the Panda Cup from South Korea's victorious under-18 team after they infuriated hosts China with their impolite celebrations.

Langgar privasi… Army selar tindakan restoran kongsi video BTS makan

BTS yang berada di New York makan malam di restoran Baekjeong dan aksi mereka dirakam pemilik restoran mendapat kecaman.

Korean teenager beaten as holders crash out of Sudirman Cup

Thailand will play hosts and hot favourites China in the last four of badminton's prestigious mixed-team world championship.

Muzik video Blackpink ‘Kill This Love’ berjaya mencapai lebih 26 juta...

Artis wanita K-Pop Blackpink berjaya membuatkan peminat terpukau dengan kerancakan tarian mereka

S.Korea spycam crimes put hidden camera industry under scrutiny

Under current regulations, spycam buyers are not required to give personal information, making it difficult to trace ownership and use of the devices.

Scandal-hit Korean Air chief forced off board by shareholders

Cho Yang-ho became the first controlling shareholder of a South Korean conglomerate to be forced off the board.

Artis K-Pop Minho sukakan cabaran bakal sertai unit polis marin, sedang...

Kebiasaannya bidang yang ingin disertai adalah tentera atau polis bantuan, namun Minho berbeza mahu sertai pasukan elit polis marin

Global stocks trade mixed, dollar pushes higher

Global trade remained in focus as the European Union vowed prompt retaliation if the US imposes tariffs on imported vehicles.

Amphibious assault craft take beach in US-Thai war drills

Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia also took part in the war games.

Japan demands apology for S. Korean comments on emperor

Japan expresses displeasure at South Korea's suggestion that the Emperor apologises for war crimes committed in his father's reign.

Korea’s 3 secrets to good health

If you want to enjoy robust health like many Koreans, read on to discover their secrets.

Trump sees ‘good chance’ of deals with North Korea, China

Vietnam is seen as the most likely venue for the Trump-Kim summit, which is expected to take place late this month and follows on from a landmark first face-to-face last June.

‘Fight until the end’: S.Korean ‘comfort women’ campaigner dies at 93

Kim was among the two dozen known surviving South Korean 'comfort women'.

Arabian knights send Korea, Australia crashing out of Asian Cup

Japan and Iran, with seven Asian Cup titles between them, will play the other semi for a place in the final.

Hyundai’s’ Genesis confirms arrival of SUV

The Genesis GV80 will go against the Mercedes-Benz GLS and the upcoming BMW X7.

North Korea’s Kim vows more summits with South next year

Kim Jong Un expresses an intention to meet with Moon frequently in 2019" to pursue peace and solve the issue of denuclearising the peninsula together.

Asia’s worst currency isn’t stopping bond bulls from pouring in

A weakening won and a November rate increase by the Bank of Korea, its first in a year, have failed to deter overseas buyers.

Former Man Utd star Park offers to quit Korea youth role

The exact reason for Park's decision was unclear, but he currently lives in England and the official said that he may have been feeling uneasy about  the distance from his duties.

Japan denounces South Korean court ruling on wartime forced labour

The Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the firm pay each of four plaintiffs - only one of whom is still alive - 100 million won (US$88,000) for being forced to work at its steel mills between 1941 and 1943.

BTS: Tourism ambassadors for Seoul in latest campaign

After creating their own playlist of four experiences on the website, fans can share their picks on Facebook for the chance to win prizes that range from a three-night hotel stay in the city, US$20 Amazon gift cards and BTS photocards.

Mahathir bemoans state of Malaysian football

The prime minister says countries whose players played with bare feet in the past have since qualified for the World Cup but Malaysia which shone in the past is nowhere near them.