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Tag: Kota Melaka

Melaka PKR to probe ex-division head’s move to Umno

Melaka PKR Wanita chief Ginie Lim says she regrets Rohani Mahmood’s actions, which caught her by surprise.

Nothing unusual for Rahim to join PPBM, says Muhyiddin

The PPBM president says he and other party leaders too were once on the 'other side'.

DAP firebrand Khoo sets sights on Parliament

Often ejected from the Melaka state assembly for raising various issues in his two terms, Khoo wants a national stage.

Cubaan ke-2 pengundi Kota Melaka cabar laporan persempadanan semula

Mahkamah Tinggi Melaka akan mendengar permohonan 7 pengundi untuk mendapatkan kebenaran mencabar SPR pada Selasa.

Kota Melaka voters try again to quash redelineation report

The Melaka High Court will hear on Tuesday the application by seven voters to obtain leave to challenge the Election Commission.

Lawyer: Why rush EC appeal hearing before Hari Raya?

Latheefa Koya questions why the court insists on two appeals related to the Election Commission's redelineation exercise in Selangor.

Kota Melaka voters seek judicial review against EC

They are seeking a declaration that the proposed redelineation by the EC is unconstitutional as it is inconsistent with the Federal Constitution.

Guan Eng: Why BN speaking for DAP ‘Gang of 4’?

DAP secretary-general warns party leaders not to underestimate the four DAP members who left, as they now pose a threat with their 'outrageous and ridiculous claims'.

Malacca DAP’s woes speak volumes

Resignations from state opposition party reflect loss of confidence in party leadership.

Bukit Katil bakal hilang 10,000 pengundi, Umno mohon SPR kaji semula

Bekas calon Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam persempadanan semula akan menyebabkan Daerah Mengundi Bachang dan Peringgit dipindahkan ke Parlimen Kota Melaka