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Global carmakers found to make slow progress toward digital redo

Factories from Detroit to Turin are being re-fitted for the dozens of electric models planned over the next several years.

KPMG, EY probed by police for money laundering in Denmark

Ernst & Young are being investigated for failing to inform authorities to red flags linked to Danske Bank A/S Estonian laundering case.

80% of large companies conducting board evaluations, says KPMG report

An effective board evaluation is a catalyst for driving positive changes, it says in report using input from 581 listed companies.

Asia gets tougher on auditors after high-profile defaults 

High-profile collapses and defaults have prompted Asian investors and regulators to reflect on where they could have obtained more clues that trouble was brewing.

Securities Commission confirms probe into conduct of 1MDB audit firms

This follows South China Morning Post report saying the regulator is reviewing the work carried out by international auditors KPMG and Deloitte.

Laporan: Deloitte, KPMG disiasat berhubung 1MDB

SC mahu melihat sama ada 2 firma itu berperanan 'membantu dan bersekongkol dalam skandal itu atau hanya cuai'.

Deloitte, KPMG under probe over 1MDB, says report

The Securities Commission of Malaysia is investigating whether the 2 auditing firms aided or abetted the scandal-plagued investment arm, says HK daily

KPMG S. Africa apologises for scandals, seeks 2nd chance

The company is one of a number of international firms that have apologised for their conduct during the nine-year rule of former president Jacob Zuma.

‘Big Four’ accountancy giants face UK probe

Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC have a long-established oligopoly to advise and monitor big business.

KPMG expects tougher British financial regime post-Brexit

Britain is also going ahead with rolling out senior manager accountability rules at banks to the wider financial sector next year, even though the EU has no equivalent regulation.

CCM to seek clarification from KPMG on 1MDB accounts

It says this includes directing the relevant parties to take corrective steps regarding the financial information reported to the companies registrar.

MIA declines to comment on KPMG-1MDB issue

The Malaysian Institute of Accountants says it will not be appropriate as the enforcement process is in progress.

1MDB: Penyata kewangan diaudit 2010-2012 bukan penilaian adil

Firma perakaunan, KPMG Malaysia menasihatkan 1MDB mengambil langkah perlu mengelak sebarang pergantungan atau pergantungan lanjut ke atas 3 laporan audit itu.

‘2010, 2011 and 2012 audits not a fair assessment of 1MDB’

The state investment fund says it has been told by KPMG to take immediate steps 'to prevent any further or future reliance' on the audit reports in question.

UK retailers lose sparkle over Christmas

British Retail Consortium says shoppers spent more on essential items, including food, instead of splurging on Christmas gifts.

Lack of proper audit of 1MDB suggests cover-up, says Pua

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua says doubtful financial statements for 2013, 2014 and no audit since, shows state-owned firm trying to prevent truth from being discovered.

Ministry: No decision on re-audit of 2013, 2014 1MDB accounts

Finance ministry says re-audit may be done after discussions with new auditor, in light of former auditor Deloitte saying its earlier reports were unreliable.

Parker Randall appointed 1MDB auditor

Treasury secretary-general Irwan Serigar Abdullah says the firm has already started auditing some 1MDB subsidiaries.

Pua calls for re-audit of 1MDB accounts

Failure to do so will only prove that there are efforts to cover up any mismanagement, says the Public Accounts Committee member.

1MDB yet to find new auditor

This means 1MDB is unable to submit its financial statement despite being given two six-month extensions by the Companies Commission of Malaysia, says report.

Siasatan institut akauntan ke atas juruaudit 1MDB masih berjalan

CEO Institut Akauntan Malaysia tidak mahu beri garis masa bila siasatan akan selesai.

MIA probe into 1MDB auditors ‘ongoing’

MIA’s new CEO declines to give dateline for completing the investigation.

Pua: Will KPMG also disavow 1MDB accounts?

After 1MDB says there are doubts about 2014 accounts, Pua says KPMG was "equally gullible about lies and deceit" in signing off the 2010-2012 accounts before they were sacked in December 2013.

Pua questions lack of action by MIA against 1MDB auditors

DAP leader slams inaction by accounting regulatory body even after more than a year following complaints he had made against KPMG and Deloitte for alleged irregularities in 1MDB audit.