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Hafizh Syahrin: I want to give my best before leaving Tech3

Hafizh Syahrin wants to score more points before saying goodbye to Tech3.

Pakar: Pastikan pembangunan sepanjang ECRL hubungkan timur, barat

Mida disaran memaksimumkan peranan ECRL dan mengambil alih tugasan yang tidak dapat dikendalikan KTM.

Projek rel berkembar komuter Lembah Klang diumum dalam masa terdekat, kata...

Projek KVDT2 melibatkan kerja baik pulih landasan kereta api KTM dari Salak Selatan ke Seremban dan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Pelabuhan Klang, meliputi jarak sejauh 211 kilometer.

Klang Valley double-tracking project to be revived, says Loke

Project still in the pipeline after being cancelled last September, and details are to be announced soon.

KTM offers 20% discount card to bring back passengers

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook says KTM lost customers after commuter fares rose from 11 sen to 15 sen per kilometre in 2016.

No room for Hafizh Syahrin

Petronas SRT principal urges Hafizh to improve and earn his race seat for next season.

Najib: Bukan saya jual tanah KTM di Tanjung Pagar

Najib berkata, di bawah perjanjian 1990, Malaysia bersetuju untuk memindahkan stesen Tanjung Pagar ke stesen baru di Kranji.

Najib: It wasn’t me who sold Tanjung Pagar land

The former prime minister says the original agreement to stop the train station at Tanjung Pagar and convert the land was negotiated by the finance minister in 1990.

Court orders govt to pay nonagenarian 38 years of pension arrears

The High Court directed the government to recalculate pension payments due to 99-year-old Alagan Mayalagan following a PSD decision in the past that had resulted in reducing his pension payments.

Which is the best transport option of all?

A look at five of the public transport options available in the Klang Valley, how they stack up and which would be best for Penang.

Seremban-KL commuter train to resume on Wednesday

One trip at 7.08am to KL Sentral and one return trip at 5.55pm to Seremban on week days.

KTM denies RM5.7 billion train purchases from China

KTM Bhd CEO Rani Hisham Samsudin dismisses claim by the company’s workers’ union that the previous government made the purchases without an open tender.

MP: Go ahead, scrap HSR, but improve Johor transport system

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching offers several suggestions to improve the public transport system in Johor with money saved from cancelling the HSR project.

No need for high-cost transport projects, says group

The transport body says ECRL, HSR and Penang Tunnel are too expensive.

Zarco to join KTM in 2019

Johann Zarco had previously been with the Tech3 Yamaha team.

10 problems with Malaysian motorcyclists

Because they're every local driver's pet peeve.

KL Sentral-Subang airport train service starts May 1

New Skypark Link will be available for free for one month.

Johor exco: ECRL, HSR won’t jeopardise local airlines

He says former finance minister Daim Zainuddin was wrong in making such an assumption.

Election day train and bus tickets sold out

Additional ETS services to the north to be laid on, but express bus tickets to Kelantan and Terengganu all gone.

Realign, modernise to get KTM back on track, says expert

Goh Bok Yen says every major KTM station needs to be linked to MRT and LRT stations, which have greater access and are connected to hubs.

Study shows KTM running out of steam

Only the Electric Train Service is saving KTM and the future looks bleak for the traditional train service, says the Penang Institute, in offering suggestions on how KTM can shunt its way to recovery.

Change in KTM Komuter schedule from tomorrow

This is to facilitate smoother service following the closure of a track due to upgrading work on the Klang Valley Double Track project.

Liow responsible for KTM disruptions, says Kian Ming

DAP lawmaker asks what happened to the Malaysia Transportation Safety Board, which until now has yet to be established.

Shuttle train coaches derail near Kempas

KTM Berhad says none of the 191 passengers on the shuttle train were injured in the accident.