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Perak village cannons greet Eid with a bang

'Meriam Talang' still remains a classic favourite among village kids in Kuala Kangsar carrying on a decade old tradition to welcome Eid.

Kuala Kangsar traders fret over dwindling sales

Customers are becoming fewer with locals going elsewhere to work, say vendors at a night market.

Let the you​th​ shape Kuala Kangsar, says Umno’s Mastura Yazid

The Kuala Kangsar incumbent believes she has shown her capabilities in the constituency over the past two years.

PKR man confident of wresting Bukit Chandan from BN

Mohamad Imran Hamid expects to benefit from the mixed nature of the seat as well as the appeal of PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad to former civil servants.

Nazri pooh-poohs PH’s Felda objective

He says the opposition alliance is engaged in wishful thinking.

Rafidah still loved in Kuala Kangsar, but…

They say she should stop attacking the government and enjoy her retirement.

Kuala Kangsar PKR paralysed after members snub PH candidates

The division's chief had no choice but to move the office to an apartment and build the machinery all over again.

Jentera PKR Kuala Kangsar lumpuh

Ketua PKR bahagian berkata parti sedang membina semula jentera yang lumpuh selepas ketua Wanita PKR Perak digugurkan.

Kuala Kangsar knives are out for Mastura

As deadline for final selection of candidate looms, an Umno insider says local party members want a new person to be MP.

Amanah assures no repeat of Kuala Kangsar by-election loss

Ahmad Termizi Ramli says Amanah was still new in 2016, and has since gained increased support from voters disillusioned with Umno and PAS.

Manong Bridge in Kuala Kangsar to be completed in 2019

The project was announced by the prime minister during the run-up to the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary by-election in 2016.

Arson at RTD weigh station: Clone syndicate suspected

Two of five cars damaged by fire were being investigated for cloning activities.

Polis nafi arah rakyat buat laporan halang debat Dr M-Nazri

Ketua Polis Perak, Datuk Hasnan Hassan menegaskan pihaknya tidak akan sesekali terlibat dalam apa-apa pertikaian politik atau menyebelahi sesiapa di negara ini.

Dr M-Nazri debate: Cops deny instigating reports

Perak police chief says they would never get involved in political disputes or be partial towards any party.

Dr Mahathir: I expected Nazri to tell me he was quitting...

Mahathir explains the 'awkward silence’ during the meal he recently shared with his soon-to-be debate opponent.

Nazri explains his silence during meeting with Mahathir

The tourism and culture minister says he was following etiquette and waiting for the elderly former prime minister to talk first during their encounter in Kuala Kangsar yesterday.

Mahathir and Nazri meet over cendol, laksa

The duo share the same table at a small stall in Kuala Kangsar today.

Nazri calls Zam a ‘stupid fellow’

He says the ex-minister spoke rubbish when he said Umno would not allow his debate with Mahathir.

Court acquits teacher of leaking UPSR papers

Sessions judge Niran Tan Kran rules prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against K Anparasu

Pupil in snake pit incident reveals more horror stories

Pupils were taken to a Christian cemetery after midnight as part of the motivational course.

Lepas kolam ular, murid dibawa ke kubur jam 2 pagi

Salah seorang murid yang terbabit dengan insiden kolam ular dalam kem motivasi APM mendakwa mereka turut dikejutkan daripada tidur dan diarahkan berkawat kaki sebelum ke tanah perkuburan.

Kuala Kangsar MP says Sarawak close to her heart

Mastura Mohd Yazid thanks Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem for support following helicopter crash which claimed her husband's life.

Zahid: Don’t be lulled by win in Kuala Kangsar by-election

The deputy prime minister says feelings of complacency should be set aside as the next general election will be more difficult.

Mahathir: Laws meaningless if enforcers themselves corrupt

Muslims in Malaysia are Muslims in Malaysia are among the most corrupt as the practice of looking down on corruption does not exist among them.