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All Leonardo da Vinci’s oil paintings on display in KL

You can now view not one, nor two, but all 17 of the famed artist’s oil paintings at the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

Syrian artist trades war-torn home for gritty streets of Malaysia

Musician fled Damascus nightmare in search of his dreams

Woman sleeping half-naked sues after hotel worker ‘breaks into’ her room

Rosie Dehgani claims a male hotel employee entered her room last year when she was about to sleep.

Kuala Lumpur gets its own Airbnb monopoly board

Malaysian property investors can now calculate the rental values of a condominium by using GuestReady’s property price calculator.

Those who call the streets of Kuala Lumpur home

Researcher Syed Omar Syed Agil, who has profiled more than 100 individuals and families in the city, says Malaysia should provide them with shelter and teach them some skills to get them back on their feet again.

Time for KL MPs to speak up on over-development, says local...

Derek Fernandez urges Jalan Abdullah residents to speak to their MP as lawmakers have the power to stop over-development, while DBKL says it will clarify the issue of mixed development there.

World’s tiniest chef tickles Malaysians with his antics

Small he may be but Le Petit Chef is big on personality and absolutely hilarious in his culinary performance.

KL City Plan 2020 and the case of ‘special’ approvals for...

Since many development projects have plot ratios exceeding what is permissible, they will require special approvals before commencing construction.

Japanese-style capsule hotels making a splash in KL

The tiny rooms are popular with out-of-town students and even women who have problems at home.

Missing Irish man found after 2 months

The 32-year-old, who arrived in Malaysia on Nov 15, is safe and well, says Irish news website.

Penduduk bingung DBKL tak bertindak terhadap kedai haram

Penduduk mengadu tiada jawapan jelas daripada pihak berkuasa.

Residents question DBKL’s inaction over houses turned into shops

They say there has been no clear answer from City Hall.

Development policies the problem in KL, not skyscrapers, says expert

Planning and local government expert Derek Fernandez suggests amending the Kuala Lumpur City Plan to better tackle the issue.

Anwar’s ex-lawyer appointed DBKL advisory board member

S N Nair describes his appointment as a funny twist as he had several times taken DBKL to court.

Polis siap sedia hadapi sebarang kemungkinan sempena perhimpunan ICERD, kata KPN

Polis membuat pemantauan sejak semalam dan jumlah peserta ICERD pada pagi ini dianggar seramai 5,000 orang dan jumlah itu dijangka meningkat pada tengah hari.

Nothing wrong with making merry, whatever hour it is

Adult Malaysians and foreigners have the right to choose how, when and where they spend their free time.

Kami bukan budak-budak, peguam bantah DBKL tutup premis jam 1 pagi

Orang ramai bukan kanak-kanak yang perlu diberitahu di mana mereka perlu berada atau tidak berada selepas jam 1 pagi.

Stop patronising us, lawyer vents at KL’s 1am closure rule

The outspoken lawyer warns Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad against 'abusing powers by using laws in a coating of morality'.

Kerajaan diingatkan, tutup premis hiburan jam 1 pagi akan gugat pelancongan

Langkah mengehadkan masa perniagaan premis hiburan akan menyuramkan pengalaman pelawat.

MRT too big, too early, says Mahathir

He contrasts the project with the two initial rail networks for the Klang Valley, describing them as simpler and more cost effective.

Apakah nasib bangunan uzur di Kuala Lumpur?

Di tengah-tengah kemegahan mercu tanda baru, banyak rumah kedai dan bangunan di ibu kota berada dalam keadaan uzur, tidak dijaga, malah terbiar.

Closing entertainment outlets at 1am will hurt tourism, government warned

The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents says this will also have a negative impact on the local economy.

Govt can still stop KL projects approved by BN, says town...

However, former Malaysian Institute of Planners president Md Nazri Mohd Noordin says it will cost the government.

Banjir: Kementerian WP timbang denda kontraktor pembinaan punca parit tersumbat

DBKL akan menjalankan pengawasan dan pengawalan ke atas tapak pembinaan agar masalah banjir kilat di Kuala Lumpur dapat ditangani.