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Tag: Kula Segaran

Simpan 20% gaji untuk halang pekerja asing lari, kata Kula Segaran

Kementerian Sumber Manusia berkata wang akan disimpan di Perkeso dan diserahkan kepada pekerja terbabit ketika mahu pulang ke negara asal.

Cabinet can change minimum wage, says Kula

The human resource minister defends the decision to increase the wage amount by RM50.

Ministry likely to review Employment Act 1955

The government plans to add eight new provisions to the Act in line with the current employment situation.

Menteri: Sama ratakan gaji minimum dahulu, laksana RM1,500 dalam 5 tahun

M Kula Segaran berkata, cadangan kadar gaji minimum yang baru akan dibentangkan kepada Kabinet minggu depan.

Beer fest ban nothing to do with politics, says IGP

Inspector-General of Police Mohd Fuzi Harun stands firm on original reason of militant threat, says no need to divulge further details as information is confidential.

Ambiga: PH moving in right direction with Indian, Sabah reps

Hakam president Ambiga Sreenevasan says move to make Kulasegaran and Christina Liew vice-presidents a good start for opposition coalition.

MP wants independent probe of death in police custody

M Kulasegaran of DAP wants the EAIC or Suhakam to probe the death of Baskar Rao, who allegedly set himself on fire at the Jelapang police station while handcuffed.

Tamil political journalist attacked twice

K Muthukrishnan lodges report that he was beaten and threatened by the assailants to stop working as a journalist.

Tukar agama anak: DAP sedia sokong pindaan perlembagaan

Ahli Parlimen DAP M. Kula Segaran memberi jaminan akan memberi sokongan penuh kepada pindaan perlembagaan demi kepentingan negara.

DAP sidelined in PH leadership? Rubbish, says Kula

DAP lawmaker points out that the party’s secretary-general is one of the deputy presidents in PH's new line-up.

Blueprint for Indians only when votes on the line

Lawmaker says Indian community must not forget how BN government had previously announced plans that it cannot or does not have real will and commitment to fulfill.

Polls boundary alteration: Court to rule next month

Court will decide whether to allow leave for judicial review filed by two MPs seeking to quash the Election Commission’s second proposal to redraw election boundaries.

Kula says Lena Hendry conviction makes no sense

The DAP MP says government must respect the rights of its citizens to be in "solidarity with oppressed communities" around the world.

MP Kula: Speed up efforts to abolish death penalty

The Ipoh Barat MP says there is no conclusive proof that the death penalty reduces homicides.

Custodial deaths: Independent commission needed now more than ever

DAP urges government to find way to end death of suspects while in the custody of police because ’every human life is important’.

MP urges amnesty for stateless Indians born before Merdeka

DAP lawmaker M Kula Segaran appeals to government to seriously consider plight of these Malaysians, who are 60 years or older, and make them citizens.

Kula calls for independent probe into detainee’s death

The public are entitled to ask why the detainee became unconscious and died in the lock up, says DAP lawmaker.

Limiting CLP exam sittings unfair, says MP

The CLP was established to allow students who can’t afford to sit for their Bar in the United Kingdom to do it here, lawyer Kulasegaran reminds the authorities.

‘Changes to Marriage & Divorce Act well received by Muslim MPs’

MP M Kulasegaran unfazed by PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin’s threat to block amendments.

Indira wants multi-racial bench to rule on kids’ conversion

Hindu mother's lawyer M Kulasegaran asks chief justice to also have gender mix in panel in view of legal issues that have far reaching implications to Malaysians.

EC’s ‘limited’ redelineation proposal helps Umno, says DAP

Ipoh Barat MP Kula Segaran explains how lack of new parliamentary, state seats means alleged gerrymandering in redelineation proposal can be passed without two-third majority.

DAP MP: Dare to leave BN over hudud bill?

It is not sufficient for just the ministers and deputy ministers to give up their government posts, says DAP Vice-Chairman M Kula Segaran.

IGP is on our radar, says Indira’s counsel Kula

"We will write to the IGP asking him what action he has taken to catch Indira Gandhi's ex-husband and if he can’t give answers we will take him to court," says counsel M Kula Segaran.

DAP MP lodges police report on missing Parliament doctor

Dr B. Sugumaran last seen on January 3 at his parents' Ipoh house, says M. Kula Segaran