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Even a ‘cargo-only’ Kulim airport will impact Penang badly, says Chow

He says reports by two consultants also indicated the Kulim airport will be in direct competition to the Penang airport.

Kulim and Penang international airports should complement not compete with each...

It is hoped this 'integration' is worked out in advance instead of allowing both states to go solo.

Tender for Penang airport expansion project to be called this year

Both the projects, for airports in Penang and Kulim, will be carried out through the private finance initiative, says the finance minister.

Bina lapangan terbang guna dana swasta bukti keyakinan pelabur, kata Putrajaya

Pembinaan lapangan terbang di Kulim itu secara tidak langsung dapat meningkatkan ekonomi penduduk tempatan.

Tampil kelainan…Rojak dalam talam tarikan terbaru

Kecur air liur bila dengar rojak apatah lagi dimakan dalam talam sudah pasti kuantitinya banyak dan puas dimakan

Proud moment for Kulim electronics firm after US trade show win

Stride Electronics Sdn Bhd is proud that the winner of the Best of Baby Tech award 'has a bit of Malaysia inside'.

Europe, China firms keen on Kulim cargo airport project

Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir says the companies believe Kedah is strategically located to become the country’s air logistics hub.

Lapangan terbang dicadangkan di Kulim, kata Mukhriz

Projek ini diharap dapat dilaksanakan dengan kos tidak jauh daripada anggaran asal RM1.6 bilion yang diumumkan sebelum ini.

Polis tahan lelaki terlibat serangan bersenjata di Kulim

3 suspek datang ke rumah mangsa dengan membawa rantai besi, batang besi serta batang kayu dan memukul mangsa di seluruh badan.

World’s longest canopy walk in Kulim is simply thrilling

Located in the Sungai Sedim Recreational Park, this rainforest canopy walk is 925 metres long at 26 metres high.

Kulim airport: Mukhriz seeks federal support for project

He says the airport is a necessity, especially for the cargo service sector.

Durians going for RM1 in Kulim

All the small-sized fruits were sold out in 15 minutes.

Banjir kilat Kulim ragut nyawa 2 beranak

Johari Bakar, 57, dan anaknya, Nor Suri Danila, 14, hanyut dibawa arus deras tengah malam semalam.

Buka kelab Equestrian sebagai terapi golongan istimewa

Abdul Malik bertemu dengan ramai pakar dan sesetengah mereka turut mencadangkan terapi menunggang kuda.

The passing of my friend, Islamic scholar, and intellectual

Pak Kassim Ahmad will be sorely missed by those whose lives he touched by his example, generosity and compassion.

Kassim Ahmad: The passing of a great Malay intellectual

Kassim Ahmad fought against Jawi to the end because he could not accept that a man’s mind could be caged by any authority. He believed Man was created to have free will.

Muslim scholar Kassim Ahmad dies

Muslim scholar, who was charged in shariah court last year by religious authorities, succumbs to illness less than 24 hours after going into a coma.

Removing statues at private theme park unlawful, says Art Harun

Activist-lawyer says park is on private land and the developer need not get approval from the mufti or any religious council.

Rafizi tips hat to Umno MP for 1MDB query

PKR vice-president says he knows it is hard to criticise 1MDB from within Umno.

Kulim district office orders removal of statues

The 20 statues described as inappropriate were removed from a Bali-themed park.

We don’t serve dog meat, assert mamak restaurants

Indian Muslim restaurant owners in Kulim claim business has been affected by a widely circulated message warning of dog meat being passed off as mutton.

GrabCar now in Penang

Malaysian ride-sharing app Grab spreads its wings to the north after expanding to Johor last month, with both cash and credit card payments.

Edra to build RM400m solar plant in Kedah

Edra President and Executive Director Mark Ling says Kedah with abundant flat land is ideal location for solar plants, compared with states like Kelantan and Terengganu, which are more hilly.

Bashah: Kulim airport project will go ahead

'Positive reaction' from Najib to controversial international airport hub in Kedah.