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SRC payment obligation will be honoured, says Guan Eng

MoF has paid RM43 million in interest to KWAP on Oct 1, bringing the total amount paid on behalf of SRC to RM1.73 billion.

Govt bid to recover RM4b given by SRC to 3 offshore...

The finance minister says legal action will be taken to recoup as much as much possible.

MOF bayar lebih RM344 juta kepada KWAP bagi pihak SRC International,...

Berdasarkan jadual pembayaran balik, tarikh pembayaran berikutnya adalah pada 30 September 2019 melibatkan amaun sebanyak RM43,023,748.31 (faedah).

MoF Inc had no one overseeing SRC, says witness

Former Treasury official says a representative of Minister of Finance Inc is usually appointed as a director in the company.

Bekas pengerusi KWAP akui pembiayaan SRC tanpa projek

Bekas ketua setiausaha perbendaharaan Kementerian Kewangan, berkata ini berbeza dengan projek lain yang mendapat desakan disegerakan oleh perdana menteri.

SRC got RM4 bil loan but has nothing to show for...

Official involved in approving loan says money was given for venturing into natural resources sector but there is no project to show for it and that he doesn’t know what happened to the money.

Saksi: Najib arah KWAP serah wang awal kepada SRC sebelum surat...

Najib Razak mengarahkan demikian dalam satu panggilan telefon yang menurut saksi ke-45 ia adalah amalan luar biasa.

Najib pressured treasury officials to prepare guarantee for SRC loan, says...

Former senior finance ministry officer says 'time was running out' to prepare paper for the Cabinet.

I was not coached to give statement, ex-SRC director tells court

He cannot explain how his exact words also appear in the SRC chairman Ismee Ismail's witness statement.

I was ‘under duress’ preparing Cabinet papers on SRC loan guarantee,...

Afidah Azwa Abdul Aziz says she was told to speed up the drafting of the Cabinet papers.

SRC took finance ministry loan to pay interest on RM4 bil...

Finance ministry official tells Najib Razak trial that SRC International also failed to provide information about its account in a Swiss bank which it claimed had been ‘frozen’.

Putrajaya pinjam RM642 juta selamatkan SRC daripada hutang KWAP, kata saksi

Pegawai Kementerian Kewangan, Afidah Azwa Abdul Aziz berkata jika tidak berbuat demikian, kerajaan perlu menyelesaikan jumlah utama dalam masa 30 hari jika gagal membayar hutang.

Putrajaya pumped in RM642 million to rescue SRC from KWAP debt,...

Finance ministry official Afidah Azwa Abdul Aziz said otherwise the government would have to settle the principle amount within 30 days in the event of a default.

Najib minta kelulusan Kabinet untuk kerajaan jamin pinjaman SRC, kata saksi

Mazidah Abdul Majid berkata, Najib Razak mendapatkan kelulusan Kabinetnya untuk menawarkan jaminan kerajaan ke atas pinjaman RM2 bilion SRC International pada 8 Februari 2012.

SRC board unaware of account into which RM2 bil deposited, Najib...

Former SRC chairman Ismee Ismail says 2 accounts were opened in Ambank as the board was not informed of existence of the first account.

Ex-SRC chief may have lied about loan from KWAP, Najib trial...

Former SRC International chairman tells High Court that its CEO Nik Faisal did not tell the board he had written to Najib seeking a loan from KWAP.

I didn’t take Najib’s SRC loan proposal consent as an...

Azian Mohd Noh, however, tells the Najib money-laundering trial she cannot speak for the investment panel members who approved the RM4 billion loan.

RM4 bil loan request was made at hotel lobby, says former...

Ex-KWAP chief Azian Mohd Noh says Najib Razak's special officer gave her a letter but not an application with supporting documents.

Govt guarantee signed even before order to approve RM2 bil loan,...

Najib Razak signed the guarantee letter on March 27, 2012 but finance ministry official Maliami Hamad only wrote to KWAP the following day to approve the loan to SRC.

Najib minta KWAP percepat pinjaman RM2 bilion kepada SRC International, kata...

Najib didakwa atas 3 tuduhan pecah amanah, 1 tuduhan salah guna kedudukan dan 3 tuduhan pengubahan wang haram membabitkan dana SRC International Sdn Bhd berjumlah RM42 juta.

Pensioners’ fund only wanted to approve RM1 bil to SRC but...

KWAP's investment panel approved RM2 billion as its chairman informed members present that Najib wanted SRC's application expedited.

Not perfect, but PH’s flaws pale in comparison to past abuse

But it must move quickly to quell the continuous insidious plays on race, religion and royalty.

Pensioners’ fund was reluctant to give 2nd RM2 bil loan to...

KWAP suggested a higher interest rate of 4.6% but the deal went through as it was a government-guaranteed loan, says its former vice-president.

Witness in SRC trial IDs ex-director gone missing through photo

Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, whom MACC was seeking along with Jho Low, is widely believed to be in Indonesia.