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Tag: KY Speaks

Sushi Ryu’s RM500 plus omakase dinner

Is it worth your money to spend RM500 or more for a Japanese omakase dinner for two?

Berkeley’s Number 1 claypot chicken rice

This claypot chicken rice in Taman Berkeley, Klang, stand out for taste and value.

Lapping it up at Keong Kee herbal soup

Nothing beats a hot steaming bowl of herbal soup on a cold and breezy evening.

Pork lovers, listen up! Tonkatsu by Ma Maison is fantastic

Tonkatsu is basically breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage, an ideal meal for those on a low-carb or keto diet.

Bumbu Bali beckons

Its possible to get the authentic taste of Balinese cuisine right here in Puchong.

Little Nyonya serves up delicious halal food at Setia City Mall

One of the most crowded restaurants in Setia City Mall, Little Nyonya has an extensive menu to sate appetites.

Delicious curry noodles in a sleepy Perak kampung

Hungry folks in Gopeng can head over to Mee Kari Ami for a satisfying and tasty meal.

Halal claypot curry mee draws the crowds in Klang

While there are many takes on the ubiquitous curry mee, this version stands out.

A long but worthwhile wait for Pudu fish noodles

Drop by Little Eat Stall in Pudu for a delicious and hearty bowl of noodles served with fresh fish.

Simple yet satisfying scrambled egg Bahn mi

Warm bread, fresh ingredients and scrambled egg make for a great breakfast.

Dim Sum worth queuing for in Puchong

Malaysians will do almost anything for good food including waking up early.

Snail Soup in Hanoi gets the thumbs up

Knowns locally as Bun Oc, the soup comes chockfull of vegetables and can be enjoyed either on its own or with vermicelli.

Simply addictive: Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant in KK

The fish here is fresh, flavourful, and seasoned so well, it doesn’t take away from the natural flavours of the seafood. It's simply addictive.

Head to NZX for great Sarawak laksa

It’s not surprising to find good food in the most out of way places

Sarawak Laksa at SALTed: Prawns, chicken and cuttlefish galore

Other than Sarawak Laksa, this restaurant in Mutiara Damansara also serves Kolo Mee, Belacan Bee Hoon and Mee Jawa Sarawak.

Char Kuey Teow Jalan Batai has moved to Shah Alam

The 'uncle' who used to operate in Damansara Heights is now operating a stall in Sen Kee White Coffee kopitiam in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

Hanoi’s scrumptious eel porridge for the more adventurous

The fried eel with vermicelli and eel porridge are good choices to go with.

Awesome crabs at Kali Little Restaurant, Klang

These air-flown crabs from Sri Lanka are gigantic, juicy, sweet and bursting with flavour.

Bak Kut Teh Xiao Long Bao: Superior tastes all around

Located at 163 Retail Park in Mont Kiara, this restaurant serves some seriously great-tasting dishes that all in the family will enjoy.

Coffee lovers, listen up! Hanoi House Cafe makes a serious brew

The standard hot coffee with condensed milk is thick, aromatic, and packs a punch. What's there not to love about it?

Wow factor: Roast pork and stingray in Nyonya Curry Mee

Hai Keng Restaurant in Petaling Jaya makes a mean bowl of Nyonya Curry Mee with delicious add-ons that take it to the next level.

Chu Yuk Fun’s pork noodles: One of the tastiest around

The pork noodles soup in this restaurant in Taman Megah is sweet with a porky goodness and comes with slices of pork, liver, intestine, and minced pork.

Dim Sum to die for in Macau

However busy your holiday itinerary, stop by at the Long Wah Tea House to sample their extensive array of delicious Dim Sum.

Gardenista Cafe in Hanoi is brimming with ambience

Half green house-half cafe, this spot at Hoan Kiem Lake Park serves up a mean cup of coffee to be enjoyed among the soothing greens.