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Hanoi’s scrumptious eel porridge for the more adventurous

The fried eel with vermicelli and eel porridge are good choices to go with.

Awesome crabs at Kali Little Restaurant, Klang

These air-flown crabs from Sri Lanka are gigantic, juicy, sweet and bursting with flavour.

Bak Kut Teh Xiao Long Bao: Superior tastes all around

Located at 163 Retail Park in Mont Kiara, this restaurant serves some seriously great-tasting dishes that all in the family will enjoy.

Coffee lovers, listen up! Hanoi House Cafe makes a serious brew

The standard hot coffee with condensed milk is thick, aromatic, and packs a punch. What's there not to love about it?

Wow factor: Roast pork and stingray in Nyonya Curry Mee

Hai Keng Restaurant in Petaling Jaya makes a mean bowl of Nyonya Curry Mee with delicious add-ons that take it to the next level.

Chu Yuk Fun’s pork noodles: One of the tastiest around

The pork noodles soup in this restaurant in Taman Megah is sweet with a porky goodness and comes with slices of pork, liver, intestine, and minced pork.

Dim Sum to die for in Macau

However busy your holiday itinerary, stop by at the Long Wah Tea House to sample their extensive array of delicious Dim Sum.

Gardenista Cafe in Hanoi is brimming with ambience

Half green house-half cafe, this spot at Hoan Kiem Lake Park serves up a mean cup of coffee to be enjoyed among the soothing greens.

Macau: Tiniest shop ever serves up a good bowl of porridge

The thick, creamy and flavourful congee is the perfect complement to the fish or pig innards that is it served with.

Prepare to be stunned! Curry Mee in Seapark is the best

This stall in Sun Fatt Kee Kopitiam in PJ serves the most delicious broth with the most perfect cockles.

Free Food Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam – how cool is that!

In exchange for the services of tour guides, who are usually university students, tourists pay for their meals.

24-hour Bak Kut Teh shop in Klang is all the craze

The morsels of Bak Kut Teh meat here is true to Klang standards - soft, tender, and full of flavour.

The missing Aunty Lan Sarawak Laksa has been found

The Sawarak Laksa served at Tin Ha Kopitiam, just a short drive away from Subang Airport, is just as tasty as it was when they were at NZX Food Court years ago.

Duck meat in Kuey Teow soup: Breakfast just got tastier

Restoran Tropikiri's Penang-style Kuey Teow soup with duck meat in Petaling Jaya is the perfect way to start your day.

Top-notch seafood porridge in KK a great pick-me-up

The seafood porridge can also be enjoyed with sides of chicken, pork, scallops, crab, fish fillet, and prawns.

Get a taste of Sichuan steamboat without having to leave Malaysia

The steamboat broth at Chuan Chuan Xiang at Sunway Velocity is as close as you can get to the original taste of Sichuan steamboat.

Freshest fish ever from Mdm Ing’s in Kota Kinabalu

Only a 15-minute car ride from town, this humble restaurant is a must-visit as it offers a variety of fish to go with your noodles.

Klang’s legendary Bak Kut Teh is still the superior choice

Teck Huat Bak Kut Teh is operated by the same family that introduced Bak Kut Teh to Malaysia and is located in Bandar Baru Klang.

Cafe-style Common Table in Macau is a must-visit

It is one of the more spacious cafes you'll find in Macau, partly because it is located in the newer part of the country on Taipa.

Taste and See this fabulous Bamboo Biryani

A restaurant aptly called Taste & See just took the preparation of Nasi Biryani to another level by cooking it in bamboo tubes.

Seafood Porridge in JB: A truly lip-smacking affair

Matang Seafood View is popular among the locals and once you eat there, you'll understand why.

C Chateau: Where good food and great wine meet

C Chateau bar in Kuchai Lama has everything you need to unwind after a long day - great ambiance, great wine and great food.

Out-of-this-world Fried Tomyam Tuaran Mee in Kentin Bakut

This Sabahan dish is packed with the spicy flavours of tomyam paste and expertly fried with charred bits plus prawns and deep-fried fish filet.

Delicious beef offal in Macau a must-try

If you’re in the Taipa area in Macao, where all the fancy big new casinos are, Chi Kei Ngao Chap is one of the places you absolutely must check out.