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Mouth-watering raw pork noodles in Kota Kinabalu

Eaten either dry or in a soup, the noodles in Sang Nyuk Mian is of a texture closer to that of Japanese soba noodles.

5 of the best cheap eats in Macau

From Chee Cheong Fun and Dim Sum to Portuguese Tarts and Roast Goose, there is delicious food aplenty that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Seafood Bak Kut Teh anyone?

Restoran Yun Heng in Klang Utama makes a mean bowl of sumptuous Bak Kut Teh with either Lala or fish head. You can also ask for chicken feet.

A superb seafood meal at Qiang Shi Fu in Langkawi

If you're into seafood cooked Chinese-style, then you'll love the freshness and flavours of the seafood at this restaurant.

Loh Mee like no other at Eupe Food Court, Sungai Petani

The thick broth is comforting and the choices of other ingredients that go into the bowl is simply lip-smacking.

Breakfast and more at Yesterday, Subang Courtyard

This cafe-restaurant claims to be a British Colonial and Japanese inspired brand, and the menu does reflect the theme pretty well.

A&Z Western: For good old-fashioned Malaysian-style Western food

Besides the usual pork chops, fish and chips and grilled chicken, this stall is famous for their mouth-watering mashed potato.

Peng Heong Hakka Paikut: The best pork ribs in Klang

The pork ribs here are succulent, sweet, and absolutely delicious.

Exquisite Tandoori and Naan at Sri Ananda Bahwan

Located in Bangsar Utama, the food here is super tasty and the restaurant clean.

Handmade ‘pao’ and more at Klang Food Centre

Besides pao with either chicken or kaya filling, they also make by hand big pao, char siew, red bean, lin yong, as well as mui choi pao.

Taukefish Recipe: An unusual but memorable eatery in KK

If ever you're in Kota Kinabalu, drop by at Taukefish Recipe for some of the freshest fish ever but call first because the eatery isn't always open for business.

Sabak Salai in Pedas is a lip-smacking experience

The in-house smoked beef is the star here, made all the more delicious with the thick, creamy and spicy 'masak lemak' gravy that goes with it.

Lamb Stew in Macau: Pricey but worth a try

The lamb stew sold at a stall called Keong Kei is cooked in a clay pot placed atop a portable clay stove fuelled by charcoal.

Craving authentic Nyonya food? Look no further than PJ SS2

Tanjung Bunga Penang Nyonya Cuisine dishes up some of the most mouth-watering meals that'll leave you wanting more.

Ying Thai 2: When you’re in Melbourne and craving Asian flavours

If you've already had your fill of Western food, a taste of some authentic Southern Thai food is all you need to nudge your tastebuds back to life.

Siong Huat serves up every form of Bak Kut Teh imaginable

This restaurant near Port Klang offers claypot-style Bak Kut Teh in either soup or dry versions, or with seafood if you like.

First class food at Jyu Raku, time and again

With an extensive and tempting menu, you would have to go back many a time before you've finally tasted most of the dishes.

Klang’s famous Kee Heong Bak Kut Teh packs a punch

The texture of the meat and fat at this restaurant's Bak Kut Teh is as good as any, with the soup carrying a flavourful herbal note.

Mee Goreng at Tanjung Bugah: Traditional yet unusual

A plate of Mee Goreng here comes with the usual fritters, squid, potato, eggs, bean sprouts and greens but is taken off the wok while still 'wet'.

Lui Cha: Finally, super healthy hawker fare

Literally meaning 'pounded tea' in Cantonese, Lui Cha is made by pounding a mixture of tea leaves and possibly mint to a green tea-like liquid.

3 street foods that are perfect with a chilled Tiger

Nothing washes down a hot and spicy snack better than a super chilled bottle of Tiger, especially in Malaysia's hot weather conditions.

A buffet spread like no other at Lemon Garden, Shangri-La

The buffet spreads are luscious and delicious, with something for everyone from seafood and salads to meats and desserts.

2 easy-to-make potluck pleasers

If you're up to cooking, try your hand at some deep-friend okra or mini bacon pizzas… your friends will love you for it.

Jamie ticks all the right boxes at his Italian spot in...

Celebrity chef's restaurant called Jamie's Italian at Westfield London is rustic yet classy in design and serves food that is deliciously prepared.