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Nothing satisfies more than AMAH’s Nasi Lemak

If you get weak-kneed at the mere mention of Nasi Lemak and fried chicken, drop by at Kopitiam Ali, Muthu, and Ah Hock (AMAH) at Ara Damansara's Oasis Square to satisfy your cravings.

Hands down this Japanese restaurant gets a ‘Ten’

Ten Japanese Restaurant at Marc Residence is fine dining at its best.

B & Best makes waves with their seafood noodle selections

Specialising in seafood noodles, a customer has plenty to choose from - prawns, Red Snapper, Grouper and fish balls, as well as noodles prepared either dry, soup, or spiced-up.

James Bond hits the target with Char Kuey Teow 007-style

A Char Kuey Teow seller called James Bond, cooks up a pretty decent plate of this hawker favourite complete with big prawns, juicy cockles and lots of 'wok hei'.

Hugely satisfying beef noodles at Sg Petani taxi station

Started in 1950, the stall is still going strong today, dishing out the same, rich and flavourful broth to delighted customers.

It’s Pong Kee for seriously satisfying seafood noodles

The soup base for the kuey teow with Tiger Garupa and oysters is subtle in flavour, while portions served are pretty decent.

Thumbs up to Sabah Keratang for its delicious seafood fare

While any seafood meal can be a little pricey, Restoran Sabah Keratang's Giant Garupa dishes come in generous helpings and are absolutely lip-smacking.

Pak Akob serves up the best Cendol in Shah Alam

Besides the standard bowl, one can also order Cendol with five other additions - Pulut, Tapai, Jagung, Pulut Jagung or Tapai Jagung.

For authentic Penang Kuey Teow Soup, it’s Do Re Mi 123

Traditionally, one gets fish balls, fish cake, chicken, pork or duck slices, a sprinkling of bean sprouts, and if you like, coagulated duck or chicken blood.

The famous Serai, now has a Thai restaurant too

Tucked-away in a quiet residential area in Shah Alam, Serai Thai Restaurant serves typically Southern Thai cuisine with some Malaysian influences.

Restoran IV: Hands down the best Roti Canai in Klang

Crispy and flavourful, every variation of Roti Canai is cooked to perfection by five dedicated cooks, whose jobs are solely to dole out the flat breads and fast.

Lip-smacking Nasi Kukus is all the rage at Warisan Kafe

One can't go wrong with five varieties of steamed rice; spicy chicken, beef and lamb dishes, as well as three gravies, crackers and sambal belacan that make up a typical meal.

Char Koay Teow like you’ve never tasted before

If you’re a hardcore Char Koay Teow addict, you owe it to yourself to give this stall in Macalister Road, Penang a try.

Best Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee this side of KL city

While a standard bowl goes for RM6, if you're in the mood for the deluxe version, ask for extra prawns - it costs only RM3 more.

Here’s to the best Nasi Lemak in Sungai Way

If breakfast is important to you, rush over to Wing Lee kopitiam for your Nasi Lemak fix but get there early before it's all sold out.

Kueh Teow Soup: Comfort food never tasted so good

Ah Hua Kueh Teow serves a hearty bowl of piping-hot soup embellished with fish balls, minced and sliced pork as well as romaine lettuce.

Here’s to Penang hawker fare with a Klang Valley twist

At Restoran Penang Corner, be prepared to get meatballs instead of prawns in your Curry Mee and fish cake instead of kangkung in your Prawn Mee.

It’s Johnny’s for the ultimate in Prawn Mee and Loh Mee

If you're on the lookout for hawker food that lives up to their Penang versions, look no further than Johnny's at Taman Subang Murni.

Cendol Bakar: An endearing dessert given a local twist

This shop in Kuala Selangor sells six kinds of thirst-quenching cendol and a tantalising array of local savoury treats that are quite hard to resist.

The best old-school fried rice in all of PJ

Dishing up the perfect plate of fried rice topped with a runny egg, this hawker from Kedah has operated the same stall in Restoran Hup Soon for over a decade.

A rip-roaring dinner awaits at Tigerlily Thai Restaurant

If your taste buds can stand up to the heat of authentic Thai dishes, then Tigerlily is just the place to satisfy your cravings for hot, spicy, sweet and sinful.

2 hawker favs from Sarawak duo a definite must-try

If you're in search of mouth-watering Kolomee and a little Sarawak laksa, drop everything and head to Restoran Tropikiri to have your fill.