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Tag: Labis

Rafizi urged to show proof of interference in PKR polls

The PKR Election Committee says he should show the video clip that he claimed proved his allegations.

‘Small boy’ Pang ready to challenge for the big prize of...

Former Johor DAP chairman Pang Hok Liong, who won against MCA president Ling Liong Sik’s team in 1990, hopes for a repeat of that memorable feat on May 9.

3,000 new voters make it more difficult for PH in Labis

Pakatan Harapan’s Labis candidate says, however, that compared with previous elections, the opposition is now able to enter Felda settlements and talk to voters there.

Back after 30 years in NZ, to help DAP fight

Sherene Lee joins a team to help elect Pang Hok Liong before going home to Penang, to vote for the first time.

DAP letak orang lain di Labis

DAP mencalonkan bekas pengerusi negeri Pang Hok Liong selepas penyandang DUN Skudai Dr Boo Cheng Hau menolak tawaran.

Think tank sees sense in DAP’s Johor shuffle

Ilham Centre says Skudai state rep Boo Cheng Hau may have wrongly assumed that his party's strategy was flawed.

‘No means no,’ Dr Boo tells Liew

Skudai DAP incumbent says 'ulterior motives' at play to force his move to Labis parliamentary constituency.

Group disrupts Hindraf-DAP ceramah in Labis

Hindraf questions the police for not taking action against what it called were 'thugs' employed by BN.