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Tag: labour laws

Pay more to keep local workers here, says MP

Charles Santiago says plans for Japanese visa programme show the need to raise wages in Malaysia first.

Trade union groups slam govt for backtracking on labour laws

The Decent Working Group says the present amendments are at odds with Pakatan Harapan's manifesto pledge to improve the lives of the working class.

Sacked employee to get full arrears if called back to work,...

Court chairman Bernard John Kanny explains RM870,408 award to employee reinstated after 58 months.

Current minimum wage of RM1,100 too high for some sectors, says...

The human resources minister says the ministry is looking into more "relevant" basic salaries for different sectors.

Argentina’s Macri downgrades labour reforms after union reforms

The Argentinean government will delay its planned labour reforms after pressure from union leaders, as well as violent protests.

Review of labour laws to protect pregnant women

Human resources ministry says employers who fire pregnant employees who are on maternity leave could be fined RM10,000.

MTUC: Don’t wait for TPPA to amend labour laws

The government should not let TPPA's current uncertainty stop it from amending existing labour laws, says MTUC.

Malaysia becoming death camp for migrant workers

The maltreatment of migrants has led to many deaths and brought disgrace to the country besides obstructing long-term economic progress.