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Tag: labour rights

Labour dept warns employers against salary cuts without prior approval

The department says it is concerned with reports of misappropriation of employees' salaries without clear consent or reason.

Making a case to give ‘illegal aliens’ their wages

Shah Alam High Court has deferred a decision on a maid's claim for RM30,000 in unpaid wages, says Tenaganita.

Govt targets middlemen to end debt bondage of migrant workers

High recruitment fees mean that migrants often become trapped, working excessive hours in the hope of repaying their debt more quickly.

Factory workers caught between a rock and a hard place

A worker who was laid off two months ago says they cannot expect anything from either their employers or trade union.

Macron starts ‘new phase’ with unions after fast-and-furious first year

French President Emmanuel Macron has modified his approach to unions.

Amazon workers strike in Germany, joining action in Spain and Poland

The strike will be held to demand better working conditions.

BHP, workers at Escondida mine in Chile ‘far from agreement’

The workers' union is preparing a US$400,000 emergency fund to support workers if they opt to strike.

Russians protest over retirement age hike

Russia's government may raise its retirement ages for men and women by five and eight years respectively.

Wage protests lead to South African power outages

Labour unions have threatened a total shutdown of Eskom’s operations unless it meets their demands for a 15% pay rise.

Argentina’s largest labour group calls strike, raising pressure on Macri

The CGT called for a strike on June 25 to protest against the government’s economic policies.

South African parliament approves national minimum wage bill

South Africa's minimum wage has been raised to 3,500 rand per month.

Schools, hospitals shut as Chad civil servants go on strike

The strike was related to pay cuts imposed by the cash-strapped government.

Spanish judges strike to demand greater independence

Around half of Spain's prosecutors and judges took part in the strike.

Labour walkout trims shift at Cargill beef plant in Nebraska

A number of first-shift employees at a Cargill beef processing plant in Schuyler, Nebraska, refused to work in protest over recently implemented shift differentials provided to second- and third-shift employees.

Zimbabwe nurses end strike, challenge dismissal in court

HARARE: Zimbabwean nurses have called off a strike against poor working conditions and will return to work on Monday, a nurses union said on...

Zimbabwe nurses go on strike over allowances

The strike left public hospitals understaffed and follows a month-long walkout by junior doctors that ended on April 2, 2018.

Kuwait to recruit Ethiopians amid Philippines labour crisis

Following a ban imposed by the Philippine government on its citizens from working in Kuwait, the domestic workers from the Philippines who can no longer work there will be replaced by Ethiopians.

French rail workers begin months of strikes in test for Macron

Other than the rail workers, staff at Air France, garbage collectors, and some energy workers will also be striking.

Chadian government, unions reach deal to end weeks of strike

The strike had occurred due to discontentment over austerity measures imposed by the government.

Sabah firm ends practice of holding migrant workers’ passports

Oil palm company Wilmar International provides passport lockers to workers so they can retrieve it on their own when travelling outside plantation.

Doctors across Zimbabwe go on strike over pay, drug shortages

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, which facilitated the strike, decried the insufficient pay and the lack of medicine and equipment.

Slovenian police start run of public sector pay strikes

The Slovenian police are demanding a wage increase of around 15%.

Greek metro halted, ships docked in protest over right to strike

As a protest against upcoming reforms to be passed by the Greek government, the Athens subway did not operate, and ships could not sail, as many went on strike.

Greek Communist anti-austerity protesters storm labour ministry

Protesters from Greek Communist group PAME stormed the labour ministry to promote the right to strike.