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Rehire undocumented migrants, don’t bring in new ones, says MP

Klang MP Charles Santiago says undocumented migrant workers who are already in the country should be legalised and allowed to work.

Hopes for ending moratorium on Bangladesh workers in weeks

New system being worked out for recruitment of migrant workers, say Bangladesh and Malaysian ministers

Bolsonaro defends child labour in Brazil, sparking outcry

Jair Bolsonaro says he was working and studying since eight years old, a claim his brother contradicts.

Kula drops African worker idea

As Mahathir has said there is no need to bring in workers from Africa, the human resources minister says he will inform plantation owners that the whole suggestion would be dropped.

US congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez back behind the bar in minimum wage push

Ocasio-Cortez says she still has the muscle memory from working 18-hour shifts as a waitress.

Bangladeshi’s diary spotlights Singapore migrant struggles

Published in 2017, the book has sold more than 700 copies and last year won the best non-fiction title at the Singapore Book Awards. 

Don’t pamper graduate job-seekers, says economist

Ramon Navaratnam says the government should ignore a proposal to subsidise starting salaries and should look after its finances instead.

Main UK parties take Brexit battering in local elections

The results do not bode well for the Conservatives and Labour party ahead of the European Parliament elections, set to take place in Britain later this month.

You’re overdue: Now what?

Your baby should be the size of a big jackfruit or watermelon at this stage but despite the size, you can still have a normal birth through the vagina.

Week 38 of pregnancy: Brush-up on what to expect

Your doctor may do regular pelvic examinations to determine your baby’s position inside your uterus - top-first, leg-first or bottom-first.

UK Labour lawmaker requests emergency debate on Brexit

Lawmakers say Theresa May is forcing them to choose between her deal and leaving the EU without an agreement.

3 UK Conservatives quit party in protest at ‘disastrous Brexit’

The resignations put Theresa May in an even weaker position in parliament, where her Brexit deal was crushed by lawmakers last month.

Sabah must handle its own labour affairs, says PBS leader

The chief minister's order to set up a migrant labour database is timely to prevent abuses, according to PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun.

Labour MPs told to ready for UK confidence vote

Opposition lawmakers have been asked to ensure they’ll be present both for the vote on May’s bill and a confidence vote the following day.

One dead, 50 injured in Bangladesh garment workers strike

Bangladesh's factory workers strike for higher wages in the industry.

German airports brace for Thursday strike

A warning strike took place on Monday at Berlin's Tegel and Schoenefeld airports, forcing the cancellation of about 50 flights.

Send foreign workers home if you cannot protect them, Putrajaya told

Tenaganita says Malaysians cannot keep quiet any longer and let foreign workers continue to suffer.

Britain’s May clashes with Blair over Brexit

Blair opposes Brexit and, as May's deal faces opposition on all sides of the House of Commons, he has stepped up calls for the public to vote again.

A year on, jury is out on Ryanair’s thorny dealings with...

The CEO has opened talks with employees in all major markets.

Probe work practices at Top Glove, urges labour rights group

Workers claims they have to work long hours to pay off loans of RM5,000 to RM20,000 they took to pay recruitment agents back home.

Japan enacts controversial law to accept foreign workers

The government plans to bring in as many as 345,000 foreign workers.

Britain’s Labour threatens PM May with new Brexit hurdle

The threat is yet another hurdle May must clear before parliament votes on Dec 11.

10 years after the recession, Americans wake up to rising prices

Announced by companies during the most recent earnings season, these price hikes have typically ranged from 2% to 10%.

May secures key EU Brexit concessions on customs

The move could win over some opposition Labour lawmakers and increase the chances of getting a Brexit deal through Parliament.