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Russia, China tell UN they sent home over half N.Korean workers...

The two countries demanded the repatriation of all North Korean workers by the end of this year to stop them earning foreign currency for leader Kim Jong Un's authorities.

Expect more Malaysians working as labourers overseas, say experts

Economists say this may happen if the economy does not improve.

Cops nab man suspected of holding Indian labourers captive

Authorities will now probe the suspect for human trafficking and offences under the Employment Act.

India arrests at least 421 for attacks on migrants after rape

Local reports say that a migrant labourer working in a local ceramics factory was arrested for rape on September 28 - the arrest sparked angry public rallies which later turned violent in parts of six northern districts.

Russia denies letting in new North Korean workers

Russia's ambassador to North Korea says Moscow only issued fresh documents to labourers already based in Russia