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Tag: Land Code

Native land rights: Bill tabled in Sarawak assembly

Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Douglas Uggah Embas says it is a historic moment for natives of Sarawak because the native land rights issue is finally going to be resolved.

Baru wants Dayak BN reps to back land reforms

Will vocal Sarawak Barisan Nasional leaders support a motion to amend the state Land Code involving NCR land if proposed by the opposition?

Will banks recognise strata titles for longhouses?

Is the Sarawak government's offer of strata titles to longhouses an attempt at misleading them into a "illusory sense of security" in view of the 13th GE?

Big greedy companies eating up native land

DAP claims that the Barisan Nasional is helping conglomerates take over native land under the guise of joint ventures.

MRT: MP wants further guarantee

To remove lingering doubts, says Tony Pua, MRT Co should declare an official position that no surface land above tunneling works for the MRT project will be forcibly acquired.

Archived: Chinatown land buy: ‘Prasarana abusing law’

DAP publicity chief Tony Pua reveals that an amendment of the National Land Code allows for the use of underground land without having to acquire surface property.