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Tag: land rights

Name NGO ‘masterminding’ Kg Cunex blockades, says activist

Colin Nicholas, from the Centre for Orang Asli Concerns, says this claim was not true as the Temiar from Perak have been fighting for their rights since the 1980s.

Activist denounces Perak MB’s take on Orang Asli land

It's a deliberate refusal to recognise our customary right, says Tijah Yok Chopil.

Putrajaya not seeking more say on land rights, says minister

The water, land and natural resources minister says the government is mulling an SOP instead that will safeguard the interests of the states as well as the public.

Putting profit before people in Perak

Did the state government ignore the rights of the Orang Asli in order to reap the benefits of logging?

Felda denies settlers at risk of losing land rights

The law does not allow the land to be broken down, leased or sub-leased, says land management official.

Patriots hail Putrajaya suit against Kelantan govt

The federal government has ‘put its right foot forward’ by taking on the state government over Orang Asli native land rights, says its president Arshad Raji.

Amid soaring violence, efforts to reinvigorate ‘toothless’ UN agreement on rights...

The Philippines is one of the most dangerous for activists, with dozens of land rights and human rights workers killed there in 2017.

Indian blockbuster spotlights slum dwellers’ struggle for land rights

Residents of Mumbai's sprawling Dharavi slum face down a powerful politician eying their community for a real estate development in an Indian blockbuster, which puts a rare spotlight on urban poor's land rights.

Argentina hands tourist area land to indigenous group

An Argentine court has accepted a land rights claim in Bariloche made by the Mapuche community of Trypay Antú.

Musa: Did minister Shafie ever show his face?

BN chairman says Warisan's president only going into villages now, after having left the ruling coalition.

Cambodian farmers sue Thai sugar group Mitr Phol over alleged land...

The farmers have accused Mitr Phol of rights abuses after it allegedly kicked farmers off their land.

Cambodian court upholds conviction of prominent land rights activist

Tep Vanny was found guilty of inciting violence and assaulting security guards while trying to deliver a petition to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Homelessness to digital IDs: 5 property rights hotspots in 2018

The global fight over land and resources is getting increasingly bloody and the race for control of valuable assets is expanding from forests and indigenous territories to the seas, space and databanks.

Suhakam: Budget 2018 must address problems of refugees, detention centres

Malaysian Human Rights Commission chairman Razali Ismail calls for a human rights-based budget that also caters to the needs of local and foreign children, indigenous people and the disabled.

Stop using our wood for Olympic stadium, Penans tell Japanese PM

Penan headman tells Shinzo Abe the Sarawak company supplying wood for Tokyo's new national stadium for the 2020 Olympics is destroying forests and the livelihood of the indigenous community.

Sarawak land rights forum to be held in honour of late...

Organisers say the forum, to be held this Sunday, will focus on empowering Sarawakian rights, not partisan politics.

Homelands under threat, Indonesian tribes rally for land rights

For decades they have been locked in bitter battles with logging, palm oil and mining companies that have been expanding into their homelands in the resource-rich Southeast Asian nation.

Activists: US report on Orang Asli land rights too shallow

Siti Kasim says Washington’s annual human rights report is an outdated view of Orang Asli land rights issue, adding that the report bases its argument on a simplistic interpretation of the statute law.

Suhakam: Jakoa should give priority to Orang Asli’s plight

Human rights body says it will investigate Orang Asli villagers’ claim that Johor government and a developer are trespassing on their ancestral land.

Jaban: Dayak MPs, reps have failed to protect land rights

Sarawak activist says it is time to vote out complacent Dayak lawmakers who have done nothing except take care of themselves and their positions in politics.

Sarawak DAP: Amend Land Code to protect native rights

The state government needs only to table an amendment to the Land Code to expressly provide for the legality of 'pemakai menoa' and 'pulau galau', says Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen.

M’sian DJ spreads land rights message via Orang Asal music

Atama Katama is among a new breed of indigenous activists, reaching out to young people through art, film and his own music.

Govt’s duty to protect Orang Asli land rights, says Bar

It urges the dismantling of any blockade leading to Orang Asli settlements and asks Kelantan to halt all logging activities in Orang Asli areas.

Beware PR1MA’s growing power, warns S’wak DAP

DAP assemblywoman Violet Yong says if not monitored, the federal affordable housing programme could erode the state's rights regarding housing and land matters.